On the spectrum of good and bad, my childhood was right in the middle. Financially my mother did everything right, unfortunately she failed when it came to emotions. During the school year my mother worked and on the weekends she went out with her friends. To make up for not spending time with us she would take two weeks off of work during the summer and take us to Disney World.

I freaking love Stitch! ©

Every summer from the ages of 5 until I was 16 we went to Disney World. One summer when I was 12 we were at Disney for the entire month of July. Two weeks with my mom and two weeks with my dad, it was pretty awesome. Disney World was the one thing that my mother didn’t fuck up when it came to my childhood. I have nothing but the happiest time when it comes to Disney World.

Some kick-ass memories from Disney World:

  • Eating Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes.
  • Getting on Space Mountain for the first time.
  • Swimming in the hotel pool for hours.
  • Seeing the fireworks at Cinderella’s castle for the first time.
  • Getting the Mickey Ear Hat (Blue) with my name embroidered in the back.
Ah, gives me warm feelings. ©

Disney World was a magical place, a home away from home. As soon as I walked through the gates of Magic Kingdom I always felt as if I was floating. Each of the parks made me feel so giddy and my troubles at home, from school, or with friends were instantly washed away. The last time I went to Disney it was May 2014 and I did not feel the same way I would always feel as a kid.

I have always said that I wanted to take my godson Nico to Disney. I want to make it a tradition between him and myself and go once a year or once every other year. The first time I took him was May 2014 and he had a blast at Magic Kingdom. He loved the food, the rides, the toys I bought him, and meeting his girl crush Ariel.

Sigh, she’s pretty. ©

I had an okay time. I hung out with my godson, got into a disagreement with my grandparents, discovered pin trading, and hung out with my friend Frani. Despite that though, the feeling I had as a kid / teenager was gone. No matter how happy I was at Magic Kingdom, the feeling that Disney World gave me was gone. Even though as an adult I no longer had high school issues or any other trivial teenagers deem important, my adult troubles still lingered, and Disney was no longer the happiest place on earth.

My face at Disney ©

I paid for my grandparents to go to Magic Kingdom since Nico got in for free and I wanted to do something nice for them. In total I ended up spending $310 on tickets, food, and a toy for Nico. My grandmother (who has been to Disney about 4x with us growing up) was complaining nonstop how hot it was. I thought that was funny because she lives in Orlando so you would think she would be used to the weather. Also, she complained about how her feet hurt and she needed to smoke a cigarette. My grandfather who video tapes everything left his camera at home, they were just unappreciative, and angry to be there. It really hurt me a lot how I paid a lot of money for them to have a good time, and they didn’t appreciate it. Despite that I tried to let it go (ha see what I did there?) and move on.

The fucks that I gave trying to escape ©

Unfortunately, in addition to my grandparent’s bullshit, I also had work, bills, and my vacation budget running through my head. The giddy magical feeling was gone. I wished I was a kid but I didn’t feel like one at all. I’m going to Orlando again in May, and I plan taking Nico to Magic Kingdom, but it’s just going to be the two of us.

When I saw that the Discover Prompt was Finding Your Place I thought it was ironic because on one of the million tabs I have open, I was looking at cheap things to do in Orlando on groupon, and immediately thought about Disney World. I wonder if my feelings at Disney had anything to do with adulting? I know growing up changes your outlook on things, but I always thought my feelings for Disney would stay the same. Or did my grandparents ruin the most special place with their attitude? What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment letting me know!