I think we have established so far that I have some petty bitch moments. It isn’t my fault entirely, ITS THE ENVIRONMENT HONEST! So let me tell you a little thing about my “friend?” J.


Way back in 2014 I was good friends with J and Raw. My best friend Ang liked J but she hated Raw, I don’t know why but that’s how it is. Ang is very territorial and I don’t like that, she thinks that because we have been friends for x amount of years that she has this divine right for my time, and who I can be friends with.

Ang & Raw had a falling out at my sisters Sweet 16 and I haven’t spoken to Raw since, I am not opposed talking to her, but I am not going to initiate anything first. But now there is J, I have no issue with J but I noticed that the fallout (which almost turned into a ghetto fist fight in a parking lot) she slowly distanced herself from me. She had always been closer to Raw which is cool but I didn’t do anything. What am I? Guilty by association? That’s some bullshit, because she has no problem hanging out with Ang still. However, as my friend Dani pointed out, it also can be due to the fact that I don’t smoke weed anymore and Ang, Raw, and J do.

My face when I realized that my lack of drug use could be the reason why this chick doesn’t want to hang out with me. 

So now lets bring it to the present, its 2016 (almost 2017) and I rarely speak to J and when we do text I feel like shes trying to take little jabs at me, but the chick is practically homeless so I don’t know who she is trying to poke fun at honestly. But I digress, she messaged me out of the blue with a link to her new YouTube series. It’s basically her smoking weed and giving random advise nobody asked for. My issue is that when I saw this my petty meter went from dormant to alive and kicking in 2.2 seconds.

Petty Ranger in full force!

Just to be a bitch I want to make my own YouTube channel. I doubt i’ll vlog daily, I just want to do something because she’s doing something and I just feel petty and want to beat her at gaining subscribers. I am kind of bitter to the fact that she dismissed me because I don’t talk to Raw, she always harps on being this leading revolutionary yet shes a follower. So should I make a YouTube channel? Or should I stop being a petty asshole? If I do make a youtube channel I don’t have anything to vlog about, all I do is work and go to school… my life isn’t exciting. So leave me a comment on your thoughts about this little situation!