This post was inspired by the comment I left on a blog post by Amie. I am an Aries female to the core. I am bossy, impulsive, I lack patience, and I am very hardworking. I take no excuses when it comes to certain things. Anyway, below is my experience with the signs, how I feel about them, and why I will or won’t date them. Enjoy!



Oh Chris. We went on a few dates in the past and tried to reconnect again recently, but that failed. His ego was too big, all he cared about was himself, and he got mad very easily for no reason…. a true fire sign. Aries are very bossy and dominant, if I can find an Aries who can handle me and vice versa then that would be great. Fire creates more fire, so even though I have no problem dating an Aries male or female, I would be cautious to do so.



I was in a relationship with a guy named Nate who was a Taurus. He was very loyal however he was very dull and that clashed with my desire to express myself. I felt as if he hindered on my emotional growth and growth overall as a person. I wanted it to work but he wouldn’t bend to try to change and I am already set in my ways. I would date this sign though if we were able to work together.



Dear God. What do I say about this sign? I dated one guy named AJ who was very humorous, hardworking, and flirty. Initially we got along great but this sign is very emotional and I can’t handle it. My friend E who liked me, then I liked him, and now I wish he was dead, is a Gemini and he is too fucking emotional for my liking. I avoid this sign because of my bad experiences, my mother is also a Gemini and we all know how I feel about her.



I can’t stand a guy who in insecure. That normally leads to jealousy. This is why Abe and I never made it to date 2. He got clingy and bossy out of no where. Since my experiences with Cancers are limited I won’t write them off completely.



Reggie & I didn’t make it to a date, we talked a lot but his smug, superior and cocky attitude wasn’t something I was into. My best friend is also a Leo but her ego is too much sometimes. I wouldn’t be opposed to a Leo male or female, but they need to be a tad bit more humble for my liking.



Another sign that I’ve had limited interaction with. I sometimes keep my feeling boiled up until it comes gushing out but Jack was a guy I was talking too who wouldn’t let his feelings out no matter how many times we talked. The conversation always was very stale and he also was very awkward. A good friend of mine is a Virgo, but she is much more open. Jack reminded me of my ex who was a Sagittarius and I have no interest in men who don’t let me know what’s going on in their head. I am not a mind reader. I would probably date this sign given the right type of Virgo.



Never dated a Libra male, but I did go out on a date with a Libra female. Her name was Remi and she was very sociable which I enjoyed and even though at times she seemed very bossy in the conversation via text, in person she was very understanding and sweet. The issue with Remi was that she didn’t like the fact that I wouldn’t (and still wont) label my sexuality. She was very gung ho and proud to be out as a lesbian but I don’t like to label my sexuality. Although we talk occasionally I cant handle her aggressiveness in regards to sexuality and I don’t see us going out on a second date. I would probably date this sign, if given the opportunity.



The horror of which is Tevon. Scorpios are supposed to be independent, yet he was looking for someone to take care of him. Our first date was okay but our second date was bad, I remember getting a weird secretive vibe from him. He also wanted to be with a girl who worshipped him, it made me sick. Most of the Scorpio women I have come across are stubborn and rash, those are qualities I am not attracted to. For some reason there is something about a Scorpio that I like, I would probably date a Scorpio male, but not a female.



My ex Lee. Before I attack him I will say that he was very hilarious, hardworking, sought out adventure, and had a thirst for knowledge. But the reason why we broke up is because he was distant, closed off, made promises he couldn’t keep, he was also very judgmental. His “optimism” was always on the border of crazy and delusional, you can’t graduate college if you change schools every semester. But the icing on the fucking zodiac cake was the fact that he had commitment issues, he threw fucking tantrums when I wouldn’t agree with him, he would cut off people (including “best friends” who had a certain flaw he didn’t like, he always kept his emotions hidden, and he was irresponsible with his finances. I normally don’t judge people with their money, because I have money problems, but him paying for all of his friends to do things is one reason why we didn’t work. I’ve never dealt with a Sagittarius female, but if they are anything like the males I don’t give a fuck to learn. HOW IS THIS A FIRE SIGN?!? FIRE SIGNS ARE COOL. Obviously I will never even look at a Sagittarius male and I’ll probably be wary around a Sagittarius female.



I dated a guy named Max who was a condescending piece of shit with commitment issues. He had no ambition and he talked the talk but never walked the walk. Our first date wasn’t good because all he did was brag, I only went out with him because he was very cute and I went through a shallow phase. Never again.



Larry didn’t make it through my two week text / phone call phase in which I determine if I want to meet up. He kept priding himself on being “different” but he seemed like everyone else to me. He boasted about smoking weed yet judged others who smoked weed. He came across as a fake outcast wannabe with a god like complex. He was like a weird combination of Michael Cera, Kanye West ranting, and sexy male porn star. His inconsiderate nature and the fact that he had a kid that he lied about, is what made me not want to go on a date with him. I am not sure if I would ever date this sign. Maybe a female Aquarius. Who knows.



I hate this fucking sign male and female. I have no desire to go near this sign ever again. I’ve only come across the worst that this sign had to offer so please if you are a Pisces don’t get offended.

Now I dated a guy named Richard, yes I am using his real name. Do you know why? Because I fucking hate Richard. I don’t know where it went wrong honestly, maybe it was because I was at first attracted to his looks and sort of overlook his detached personality. Text wise things were good, but in person he was a damn fool but like I said, he was good looking. He was very shy which at times can be good and or bad. He was really fucking irresponsible, procrastination was his key way, and he was so unorganized it drove me mad. He invited me to his cousins fancy sweet 16 and didn’t tell them I was coming. How fucking stupid is that? He didn’t know if his cousin’s parents were paying by plate or anything, he was also dragging me in family pictures which they now have to crop me out of. In addition to that, he had no backbone and right before I ended things I could see how clingy he could be. He couldn’t handle my independence and I couldn’t handle his pansy tendencies. Also, his mind games and need for praises isn’t something that an Aries woman could deal with. Don’t try to mind fuck me. I dodged a bullet with Richard, I wasted December – February dating him, but I did dodge a bullet, and honestly it helped me realize the type of guy I don’t want.

Female Pisces are exactly the same only they are a bit more manipulative and they bounce from careers which could be could but a mid life crisis is just that, a mid life crisis. You hear that Deb? Stop with the bullshit “I just have no idea what I want to do, I’ll just take out more loans for school, and then marry someone who will want to help me pay them”. I hate this fucking sign. I won’t even be friends with a Pisces. I knew there was a reason why I don’t eat fish.

So all in all, what I gathered about myself is that I need better knowledge of the female side of the zodiac to maybe understand the sign in it’s entirety. If anyone reading this is a Pisces, Gemini or Sagittarius please advise if you are like any of the people mentioned above. Also, let me know which sign you hate & love the most!

*Names (except Richard, fuck you Richard) have been changed*