Let’s Take Over The World

Happy Monday peeps! This post is just some random things that happened this weekend and such… but it’s also in bullet form! Enjoy.

  • I went to my cousins sweet 16 and her father had us seated with her friends and the non family. Although I find it hilarious and glad I wasn’t sitting with the family it’s kind of fucked up.
  • That was the first family event where I wasn’t anxious / self conscious because I was wearing something I was actually comfortable in.
    • I know that the medication probably has a lot to do with it, but I like to think that it was all me.
  • My mom’s boyfriend and his daughter got into a huge blow out, she is way nasty for a 12 yr old, and she needs a reality check.
  • My room is a utter mess and I am too lazy to clean it.
  • I get 3 paychecks and a bonus this year.
    • The extra paycheck is for a down payment on tuition
    • The bonus is for a bill.
  • The Once Upon A Time S6 winter finale was amazing and had amazing Swanqueen scenes, but I know the writers are just queer bating due to low ratings.
    • Swanqueen is life.
My face when I see a SQ scene.
  • I am dreading my upcoming calculus exams.
  • I got the new Call Of Duty and I hate the new zombies.
    • So far the best zombies has been COD BO 2.
  • I finally hit 200 followers on wordpress.
    • You know what that means right?
  • I went to the mall with my mother and I regret it because she always yells when we buy something saying that we shouldn’t buy stuff for ourselves because Santa may buy it.
  • I am excited for Christmas despite my usual hate for holidays!
  • Oh, I edited this again because I had a lot of spelling mistakes.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Take Over The World

  1. Aw you sound so happy and full of life. I’m so happy for you! Hey you can believe it was you too. You were the one who took a stand for your mental health and got the help you needed. A lot of people struggle with that as I’m sure you know. I like to pretend I’m taking over the world too when I see folks from other countries reading my blog 😂


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