Not As Angsty

Inspired by this post 

Poem on Mom

I don’t think you get me.
You’ve always made me mad.
If I left this house,
I’m certain you won’t be sad.

Poem on Dad

You were around most of the time,
but never when it mattered.
You thought you were perfect,
but left us shattered.

Poem on Sister

Do you love me like I love you?
Can you look me in the eye?
Your laughter is a bit annoying and,
you’re the weirdest social butterfly.
I want to do fun things with you,
but sometimes you’re too cheap.
But despite our differences,
you’re the sister I’d rather keep.

Poem on Bio Dad

This poem about you,
lasted longer than you did
A sperm donor at best..
that doesn’t care for his kids

Poem on Half Sister

We have the same voice.
That’s all I can say.
Your drinking & lying,
made me stray.

Poem on Ang

We were two silly people.
We shared a thought.
We tormented others,
and smoked lots of pot.
Adulting came quickly,
we are no longer the same.
You were so innocent,
I am sort of to blame.

Poem on Dani

I should look up to you,
elders are normally wise.
But, your poor decisions
are sore on the eyes.

Poem on Nico

This sweet little babe,
is very smart.
I will always love him,
since he has my heart.

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