Cast of Characters

Kori: The youngest & the most daring: Age 7

Nyla: The soft spoken one a few months older than Kori.

Adriana: Eldest of the trio & bossy: Age 9


Rosedale, NY


A Saturday in March or May 2001


Scene 1

SETTING: Kori’s dining room area, that is being redone. The dining room table is a dark brown and the carpet is white. White carpet is horrible for a 7 year old and a 2 year old.

AT RISE: Using the bottom of a baby wipe tin, a small American flag, and duct tape, Kori has finally constructed a boat to sail. She is preparing to leave her house.


Finally done with this!

(KORI throws out all the tiny balled up duct tape as she rushes out the door to greet NYLA & ADRIANA)



I don’t think this is going to work. Don’t we need a motor?


(to NYLA)

Not all boats have motors.



Hey guys, can one of you put this in your bag? I don’t have a bag big enough to fit it.

(KORI holds up the boat and while ADRIANA is laughing at the makeshift boat, NYLA is enthusiastic despite having her doubts. She takes the boat from Nyla and puts it in her bag)


(claps her hands)

Alright guys, lets go before our parents start looking for us.



Wait? You guys didn’t tell your parents?


(to NYLA)

No, my mommy and dad are still sleeping..

 (Uncontrollable giggling from KORI)




Oh, okay. Let’s go to the lake.




Scene 2


AT RISE: ADRIANA & NYLA are eating ice cream near the lake which in actually is just a small pond. Their bikes are all on top of each other. KORI is nervous because if her mom looks outside the door she wont see KORI at the park. She is also nervous about eating the ice cream off of the ice cream truck because her mother always says that the ice cream man is dirty. Little did KORI know, but her anxiety started as a kid because of her fucking mother.


Come on guys, lets put the barbies in the boat and watch them sail!

(ADRIANA & NYLA chuck their sticky napkins on the ground because clearly nobody cares about littering. ADRIANA ties a piece of string around the stick of the flag. NYLA puts about 4 barbie dolls and one baby barbie doll in the “boat”, they all have swim suits on.)


Alright, the Barbie scuba team is ready!


We can take turns pulling the string to make the boat move. KORI since its your boat you can start.



(KORI & ADRIANA put the boat filled with the barbies in the pond and its kind of leaning on one side but ADRIANA makes it even by filling one side with rocks. KORI pushes the boat & it begins to drift she holds the string tightly.)


Hurry! I want to go next.


Okay, okaaaaay hold on!

(ADRIANA takes a step back & KORI stands up to run, the minute she pulls the string she feels it break off of the wooden part of the flag, the boat begins to drift further until the point where the barbies fall out and its slowly beginning to sink…. Everything minus the bottom of the baby wipe tin which kinda flips over but just floats..)

KORI (cont.)


Oh come on!

(ADRIANA and NYLA fall over laughing. KORI who never fails a spelling test is sad to know her boat didn’t sail and their barbies are gone)



I decided to do the discover challenge which is: In The Style Of. I don’t think I’ve ever did a discover challenge before. I decided to pick a favorite childhood memory and turn it into a play. Turning it into a play wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be (GOOGLED HELPED ME A LOT THOUGH), I think the challenge was only for the dialogue but I made it a bit extra because I have been told that I am extra.

I picked a memory that always stuck with me because I really thought my little janky boat was going to sail and if I ever think about failing I always remember the boat. I don’t consider this a sad memory, more of a time where I thought I could do anything.

Does any one have any funny childhood memories?