I have been wanting to blog since last few days, but I have been a bit of a mess. Since Tuesday I have been in a weird place. I have had a wide range of emotions from sad, scared, anger, annoyance, and rage. However one emotion that stands out the most from all of the rest is fear, and it’s causing my anxiety to come back harsher than before.


With this election outcome I find myself more worried about the state of things. Sure cops were shooting unarmed people and abusing their power, but now with Trump being so openly racist amongst other things, they now have a president who will gives a thumbs up to all the violence. Call me over dramatic, but I don’t care. The U.S.A is going to shit with this dude in the white house.

Everyone is saying to give him a chance but eh January 20th is around the corner and I honestly think I am going to be around to see WW3 but, let me calm down because I am having all these thoughts, feeling paranoid, but yeah. I will be back to my regular blogging schedule which is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I’m not tho