Book Reviews: October 2016

October was a rough one thanks to midterms. This month I was really into learning more about traveling and learning about how to budget myself when traveling. I came across some good guides and some shitty books. With the guidebooks the normal review format will be different.

50 Things to Know About Backpacking Through Europe on a Budget by Amy Dresser


Review: This was the best guide I’ve read. It was quick and very informational. Out of everything I read this was by far the best. This guide is very handy to have when you’re traveling and it’s good to reference. This can be applied to all types of traveling not just backpacking through Europe. Get it free at Amazon.

The Good: Everything. It was detailed and easy to read.

The Bad: Just Drink Tap Water…. thats a name of a chapter. I don’t know how I feel about that.

Final Rating: ★★★

Road Dogs by Julia Lupine 


Review: Very quick and dull read. I would have been very pissed to spend money on this book and I am thankful that when I purchased the book it was free. The story is so predictable. Julia and her “road dog” travel buddy hitchhike across America. They meet interesting characters and it just predictable. We see the life of a hitchhiker but I was not impressed. I do not understand amazon reviewers giving it such high a high rating. It didn’t move me in any way.

Spoilers: It’s not free anymore so don’t buy it.

The Good: The fact that it was free.

The Bad: Everything lost can be found except for time wasted. I am never getting those 5 hours I spend reading this trash.

One Last Note: I learned nothing and felt nothing after reading this. If you want to waste money then get it on Amazon.

Final Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Taking Off byTy F. Clemens


Review: The humor in this is really good, Ty is the type of person you tell to come over when the party is getting dull. The story is very cliche… Dude travels around overseas and gets wasted a lot. The 3 stars are from the humor alone. However, the book was lacking. Ty doesn’t learn a damn thing and neither do I. Instead of taking in the culture Ty just got plastered most of the time.

Spoilers: Ty quit his job. I get nervous coming into work late….. but Ty just quit his job.

The Good: The fact that Ty was very blunt.

The Bad: The story seemed to be like a half assed coming of age story.

One Last Note: It’s free on Amazon so check it out, maybe you might enjoy it more than I did.

Final Rating: ★★★☆☆

50 Things to Know About Vacation Planning on a Limited Budget by Sneha Agrawa


Review: This was a quick read. It was a simple guide and I enjoyed it. The guide had some really good tips that made me rethink a lot of my travel ideas. However, I am surprised hostels weren’t mentioned though, I know they get a bad reputation (thanks to the movies) but it wasn’t mentioned at all. Get it at Amazon.

The Good: Each item is explained to where you understand.

The Bad: Not enough pictures. Pictures are awesome. Also the lack of different things you can do when staying overseas. There are more alternatives besides hotels and “house sitting”

Final Rating: ★★★

Lonely Planet Best In Travel Sampler by Lonely Planet


Review: I know I shouldn’t complain because this was a short read and it was free. However, I am going to complain anyway because this vibrant, colorful, and short guide wasn’t all of that. They showed you a lot of different things for a bunch of locations so you have to scan through this multiple times to hopefully find an entry that pertains to where you’re traveling to. Also if I am being honest you can find most of this information online. It’s free so like I said, I really shouldn’t be complaining. Get it on Amazon.

The Good: It was free.

The Bad: All over the place.

Final Rating: ☆☆☆

San Antonio TX: A Creative Nomads Travel-Log by Christina Routon


Review: The formatting on the kindle is horrid, the pictures are all different sizes and not properly placed thus cutting off some words. The content was good and I’ll definitely use this as a guide if I ever visit San Antonio but the formatting really threw me off. Get it for free while you can on Amazon.

The Good: The guide and detailed information.

The Bad: The formatting on the kindle cut words off. Looked like it was put together in 30 minutes.

Final Rating: ☆☆


Review: Okay, this was another book that was free so once again, I shouldn’t complain but I am. This was a mixture of a guide and a journal of a person traveling. A person who must have no bills to do a road trip for 53 days. The author is from Canada, the country where people are actually happy so that may explain it. The authors first language is not English and you can tell by the common mistakes and the flow of certain sentences. Buy it on Amazon for free if you want to read about someone traveling for 53 days. I only gave it 2 stars because its rare for someone to road trip as an adult for 53 days.

The Good: It shows you how to save money but it also kind of common sense.

The Bad: The guide gave some good tips for those who don’t know anything about traveling. If you do travel a lot then skip this.

Final Rating: ☆☆☆

Drive, Ride, Repeat: The Mostly-True Account of a Cross-Country Car and Bicycle Adventure by Al Macy


Review: I don’t understand what these people are doing to get all these days off of work and traveling. I am 99% sure that some of these people don’t have jobs and live off their parents.

Anyway, this is a guide / book that was pretty boring. It’s about a guy and his wife who retired early (lucky bastards) and travel to a wedding. The places they travel too are in the Midwest which seems kind of dull. The author tried to be funny, and thought he was funny… but I thought he was pretty corny.

Spoilers: Nothing exciting happened.

The Good: It’s a short read so you won’t waste too much time.

The Bad: I wasted my time.

One Last Note: This book is free so if you want to read a self proclaimed comedian talk about his boring trip to a wedding then get it at Amazon.

Final Rating: ☆☆☆

There was another book I read but it was bad too, I didn’t feel like wasting my time. The first book was good and the rest weren’t worth the read. All of these books were free and minus the first one I wouldn’t spend a penny on any of them.


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