I don’t even know how to begin this post. I had all these ideas and all these things to write about yesterday but my bed was so comfy by the time I got home I didn’t feel like moving a muscle. Then with all the things that went down all the ideas were being pushed aside for more ideas, and I know I sound like a rambing mess right now.

Anyway, because I am lazy I am going to list everything in semi bullet form.

Family Drama

  • My 17 year old cousin Victoria (Whose name I changed once again) broke up with her boyfriend a few months ago and he has been stalking her.
  • On Thursday my aunt called my mother asking if she was in the area to stop by her house. My mother leaves work early to pick up my sister from her job and was about 25-30 minutes away.
  • I was driving home instead of the gym because I was feeling like garbage. I told my mother if she wanted to meet up so I can take my sister home and she can head back to work.
  • While on the phone my mother tells me that my aunt hasn’t spoken to my cousin in over 2 hours and the hallway security camera sees the dog on the main level of the house. She gets worried because the security panel on her phone shows both the side doors and the front door as being open and their dog is never on the main level, he is normally in the basement or the upper level where my cousin’s room is.
  • I am waiting for my other in the parking lot of a plaza where I am on the phone and she’s telling me all of this. I tell her since I am going home I’ll go over there but my aunt doesn’t want to jump to conclusions, my cousin could be upstairs sleeping but like I said, the dog is roaming around the main level which isn’t normal.
  • My sister and I go home and we call my aunt and she clearly sounds upset. I ask my mom whats going on and she says that my aunt asked a family friend to go to her house and after he gets there he doesn’t answer her phone calls.
  • 6:30 PM
    • My mom is on her way home from work and she doesn’t have any information and my sister and I ponder what can be going on.
  • 7:15 PM
    • My mom lets us know that my aunts friend found my cousins ex hiding in the crawl space in her basement. My cousin let him in and left her phone upstairs. He wanted to talk about their relationship. This dude needs to get on meds. But the icing on the cake was my cousin let him in the house because:

She felt bad because he was “depressed”. tumblr_nr5fdgyzsk1s8as3do1_500

Because honestly, who the fuck cares how this psycho feels. I do not give an ounce of a fuck on his feelings. I don’t joke when it comes to mental illness, but he’s not depressed. When you’re depressed you can’t move, you can’t breathe. This dude was following her when she went to her soccer games, driving by my aunts house, and asking his friends at the high school to spy on her.

Now, three things about this entire situation pisses me off.

  1. My aunt has been handling this all wrong. I would have went to this parents when the stalking happened which would have resolved things because as I’ve stated before, due to his religion he isn’t allowed to date, if that wouldn’t work then I would have beat his ass and or went to the police.
  2. My cousin is making women look bad. Stalking is a serious thing and this kid (who is over 18 so he’s not really a kid but he still is a punk) is legitimately following her around, having his friends spy on her, mentally trying to toy with her, and what does she do? She lets him in her fucking house AFTER my aunt and uncle told him he wasn’t allowed. So not only is he mental and doesn’t care, my cousin just made herself look like an asshole.
  3. I understand that teenagers do stupid shit but my god, be smart about it. Don’t get caught. The reason why she got caught was because she didn’t answer her phone. I called / facetimed her, her mother facetimed her, my sister, everybody was calling her and because she left her phone upstairs, all of this happened.

The reason why they broke up initially was because he was controlling and possessive. But, I am pretty sure I mentioned that in a previous post. Apparently now they are going to his parents which I don’t believe because, my aunt is doing too much talk, and not enough action.

Hanging With Ang

  • Ang and I have been best friends for years. You can read more about her here.
  • Yesterday she stopped by so we can gossip about our families. She smoked weed and I shook my head in the craziness of it all.


  • When I first met her she was so anti weed and now she’s the biggest stoner I know. I’ll admit I was a bit of a bad influence on her.
  • It was nice that she stopped by because I rarely see her even though she lives 3 minutes away. I think a part of me knows that when I am with her anything can happen, and I rather live my life in a bubble right now. Financially I can’t afford whatever trouble she finds herself in.
  • 6:30 PM
    • We talk about Gary.
    • Gary is a kid we went to high school with who was a druggie. He threw awesome parties and always had the best weed & pills.
    • In Aug 2014 I went to his house and his father hit my car and that was the end of us hanging out.
      • At first Gary & his father was really chill about it until I called my insurance company. My entire door had to be replaced and the bill showed it was around $3600 and his father wanted to only give me $2000 when it happened. If I would have taken that I would have been assed out for $1600.
    • Gary was one of those people that could be really fun but you couldn’t confide in him because he had a big mouth.
    • He added me on facebook about 6 months ago and I left it unanswered.


Today I have class in the morning, I woke up extra early to get to Starbucks, and Ang is calling me.

  • Seeing Ang call me at 7:30 AM is so rare because she is never up this early.
  • I am at Starbucks ordering my coffee so I don’t answer her phone call but she is ringing me off the hook.
  • When I call her back she tells me, “Gary is dead.”
  • The first thing that I assume is that he had an overdose because he was known to do a lot of drugs.
  • But this is the scenario:
    • Him and his mom got into a car wreck.
    • When they got out of the car Gary went to flag down help.
    • He was hit by a car around 6:30 PM
  • Ang and I find that eerie because we were talking about him during that time. I don’t know how he came up, we were talking about high school, and just random stuff.

Like I said, after the whole car thing him and I stopped talking so it has been roughly two years since I’ve heard from him. He did add me on Facebook about 6 months ago but I didn’t want to accept it. I sort of regret that now, I should have reached out to him at least. Ang asked if I wanted to go to his memorial service but I feel like I would be a fraud. Him and I were friends at one point but we stopped talking, it doesn’t seem right to show up at his memorial. When I heard he died I wasn’t surprised, he did a lot of drugs and assumed that he overdosed. But hearing he was hit by a car I was shocked.


So as you can see things have been a bit crazy. But I will be posting my regular Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays. Hope you guys have an awesome weekend! Did anything crazy happen this week so far with you guys? Also, am I in the wrong for not wanting to attend Gary’s memorial? Let me know your thoughts!