Things I Hate Vol. 3

Vol 3. is finally here and if you haven’t read Vol. 1 or Vol. 2, go check it out!

  • Sex shaming.
  • People who jump down your throat when you’re about to eat something unhealthy.
  • Certain things in mainstream culture.
  • People with huge egos.
  • When a good book ends.
  • Donald Trump.


  • Being left out.
  • Posers.
  • Being forced to be around people for hours.
  • My mother constantly texting me when I am out.
  • Starbucks staff not knowing what small, medium or large means.
  • People who leave as soon as the credits for a Marvel flick begins.


  • Phone chargers.
  • Those who want historical accuracy in films yet complain about racism.
  • Hipsters who are not subtle.
  • When the hand towel is higher than my elbow and I have water run down my sleeve.
  • Teenagers. (Yes I know, I was a teenager.)
  • My neighbors lighting firecrackers at 2 pm.


  • People who say they have OCD.
    • Just because you’re a clean person doesn’t mean you have OCD.
  • When people hold the door for me even though I am probably still by my car, and now I have to bustle.
  • When my hairdresser wants to start a conversation when I am obviously not in the mood and trying to relax.
  • My sister blocking me on social media but yet wants me to drive her around.
  • Photographers who in actuality are just teens with camera phones
  • Music snobs, who really don’t know music


  • Pro-lifers who have never been pregnant.
  • People who rush into the bathroom stall I just came out of, its just weird.
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
  • Car salesmen.
  • Car insurance.
  • Windows Vista


  • When someone wants to “taste” my food before I begin to eat.
  • Mean gym teachers.
  • My ex boyfriends.
  • Family asking for money.
  • When the blinds are all crooked and you can’t fix them.
  • When Whitney uses Miltank at the last moment and has that fucker use rollout over and over.

I hated her so much. She made Goldenrod City less golden & I almost threw my GameBoy in frustration

Anything you guys hate or pisses you off? I may eventually do a post listing all the things I love.


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