Happy Humpday people. Life has been crazy since school started. Here is a mini bullet update because I am not in the paragraph writing mood.

  • I am getting a new car this weekend.
  • I am studying really hard this semester which I am proud of.
  • I think I found a blogging schedule that I like (more on that later)
  • I have this urge to move to Canada (more on that in a later post)
  • I haven’t been reading as much as I could, youtube and fan-fictions are taking over.
  • I haven’t been working out like I should.
  • My bio dad cleaned my car really good, I just have to take out all my junk before I take it back to the dealer.
  • I kind of want the new Samsung phone (not the ones being recalled) but I will miss FaceTime… even though I rarely use it.
  • I’ve been passing my exams. YAY!
  • I am thinking a lot about my future and what I want.
  • I want to buy all 22 of the Alex Cross series… but I probably won’t read it.
  • I got a tote bag for my 1500+ Accounting textbook
  • My boss and his son are both assholes.
  • I do not want to go to class tonight… I really don’t…

Okay so, I am kind of feeling the Monday, Wednesday, Friday Vibe. There is no theme for the days minus book review Monday that will happen once a month, and for the most part it will be random.

I don’t even remember the last schedule I suggested and I knew I wasn’t going to stick with it because in my heart it didn’t feel right.