Handwriting 101

So in my Business class I met this guy that was just amazing. He is so cute with a very thick Boston accent (sounding like Mark Wahlberg). I am not sure what his name is, I am not sure what his major is, and I probably will never know because I am too lazy to ask. All I do know is that I just stare at him when he talks. But yesterday I noticed that he has perfect handwriting. I wanted to take a picture but I figured that would be creepy. I just stared and then I looked at my handwriting and it hit me.

I have some pretty horrible looking penmanship. My handwriting looks as if an ape held a pen for the first time and was told to write. So without even thinking I started up a conversation with Cutie Pie:

Me: Who taught you how to write? Your handwriting is impressive!
Cutie Pie: When I was a kid I had to go to therapy for my hand and spent a lot of time writing and other types of hand exercises.
Me: *stares at hand* Why?
Cutie Pie: My older step brother had a dog that bit my hand, it caused some nerve damage, and I had a hard time gripping things.
Me: What the fuck?
Cutie Pie: Yeah, I was about 3 or 4, I don’t remember what happened, I think I provoked the dog, but I still have a scar on my palm. *proceeds to show scar*
Me: *Remembers the time I was bit by my family dog and wants to kiss the scar but I can’t because he has a fiance and I am no homewrecker* Oh damn bruh.

We talk a little bit more, she showed me a picture of his fiance who is just stunning. I mean they make on sexy couple. His wife is a painter and is having a hard time selling stuff and I recommended she try Etsy and he got all excited and he text his finance who was also excited and I felt like I did a good deed and what not. But lets get back to the hand writing. I think my handwriting sucks for the following two reasons:

  • My parents got separated when I was around 7 or 8 and that was around the time we were learning cursive and I remember being kind of sad and happy about the whole thing. My dad was verbally abusive and I couldn’t wait to get away. I would purposely not do writing homework so my mom would talk to me about the importance of doing homework.
  • My 2nd grade teacher tried to change to way I held a pencil causing me issues. She didn’t TEACH me how she wanted me to hold the pencil she just TOLD me I was doing it wrong and it had to change. (It didn’t change) but holding a pencil all types of ways contributed to my messy handwriting.

A part of me wants to learn how to write nicely….. but how do I learn how to write nicely? Isn’t it a little late to rewire my brain to do that? Do you guys have nice handwriting? Am I the only one who writes chicken scratch? Let me know, and TGIF!



21 thoughts on “Handwriting 101

  1. “how do I learn how to write nicely? Isn’t a little late to rewire my brain to do that?”

    Nope, it’s easy as pie, it just takes a little time and practice. Anything your brain rewires itself around does.

    My handwriting has been deteriorating for the last ten years because I spend 99.9% of my time typing. No surprise, there. It doesn’t bother me too much until I have to add a hand written note to a greeting card; the evidence looks like seven Jack Russell Terriers ingested an entire bottle of Ritalin and ran through some ink.

    Your brain will adapt to anything you do repeatedly, that’s what it’s designed to do. So write, repeatedly. Make it fun. Spend one day just writing lower case “f’s” and another one writing out funny meme sayings. If it ain’t fun, you won’t stick with it. Write imaginary love letters to Cutie Pie.


  2. Gosh all of my teachers past and present tell me that my handwriting is awful and looks too squashed and how bizarre it is. Reading your post made me realise that my handwriting hasn’t always been this “bad” (personally I think it gets the job done) but I know it has changed since around the time my parents split up and its so interesting that a particular event in your life can change something so mundane like your handwriting. I hope you find your own special cutie pie!


  3. I’m not sure how to go about changing one’s handwriting because I haven’t done it (my handwriting is pretty neat) but I’d think it wouldn’t be too hard. Best of luck!


  4. Your posts always crack me up :’)
    I think it’s never too late to change your handwriting, but at first you have to be conscious about it, and possibly write a bit slower than you’re used to, in order to practice (I always try to improve mine, but when I have to jot down more than a few words I lose patience and revert to scribbling nasty letters). Eventually, though, your new way of writing will take over your old way and become automatic. Good luck!


  5. I retaught myself how to write in cursive while I was taking notes in class throughout college. The nice thing about cursive is even when it looks sloppy, it still has a dignified air to it. But training yourself to write in a different style is possible; you just have to spend some time on it.


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