So in my Business class I met this guy that was just amazing. He is so cute with a very thick Boston accent (sounding like Mark Wahlberg). I am not sure what his name is, I am not sure what his major is, and I probably will never know because I am too lazy to ask. All I do know is that I just stare at him when he talks. But yesterday I noticed that he has perfect handwriting. I wanted to take a picture but I figured that would be creepy. I just stared and then I looked at my handwriting and it hit me.

I have some pretty horrible looking penmanship. My handwriting looks as if an ape held a pen for the first time and was told to write. So without even thinking I started up a conversation with Cutie Pie:

Me: Who taught you how to write? Your handwriting is impressive!
Cutie Pie: When I was a kid I had to go to therapy for my hand and spent a lot of time writing and other types of hand exercises.
Me: *stares at hand* Why?
Cutie Pie: My older step brother had a dog that bit my hand, it caused some nerve damage, and I had a hard time gripping things.
Me: What the fuck?
Cutie Pie: Yeah, I was about 3 or 4, I don’t remember what happened, I think I provoked the dog, but I still have a scar on my palm. *proceeds to show scar*
Me: *Remembers the time I was bit by my family dog and wants to kiss the scar but I can’t because he has a fiance and I am no homewrecker* Oh damn bruh.

We talk a little bit more, she showed me a picture of his fiance who is just stunning. I mean they make on sexy couple. His wife is a painter and is having a hard time selling stuff and I recommended she try Etsy and he got all excited and he text his finance who was also excited and I felt like I did a good deed and what not. But lets get back to the hand writing. I think my handwriting sucks for the following two reasons:

  • My parents got separated when I was around 7 or 8 and that was around the time we were learning cursive and I remember being kind of sad and happy about the whole thing. My dad was verbally abusive and I couldn’t wait to get away. I would purposely not do writing homework so my mom would talk to me about the importance of doing homework.
  • My 2nd grade teacher tried to change to way I held a pencil causing me issues. She didn’t TEACH me how she wanted me to hold the pencil she just TOLD me I was doing it wrong and it had to change. (It didn’t change) but holding a pencil all types of ways contributed to my messy handwriting.

A part of me wants to learn how to write nicely….. but how do I learn how to write nicely? Isn’t it a little late to rewire my brain to do that? Do you guys have nice handwriting? Am I the only one who writes chicken scratch? Let me know, and TGIF!