Today’s daily prompt is disagree, and man today is just disagreeing with me left and right. Here is why:

  • My mother’s boyfriend has a daughter who is a slob and this morning she used my toothbrush to brush her teeth. After he gave me $10 I went to CVS and bought a toothbrush and a little holder thing because I am going to keep my toothbrush in my room. What was her reasoning? It’s too early to open her eyes so she grabs anything. She is 13 years old. She makes me sick.
  • There was no more of my regular ramen chicken soup things and I had to go and take my sisters and she eats Chow Mein and it typically smells disgusting.
  • Ran out of Salt & Vinegar kettle chips and my mom bought me sun dried tomato ones…. I hate sun dried tomato chips.
  • No more Dos Equis in my fridge only Heineken.
  • My great grandfather in Orlando isn’t doing good. He’s not sick but he is 92 years old. He wakes up every night at 1 am complaining about a woman in a long white dress shutting off his T.V.
  • Failed the inspection on my car (which isn’t too bad because the temporary one lasts a month and I give my car back on the 8th)
  • Had to ride to work with my psycho mother (I have to pick up my car from the service station later) who yelled at me about 3 dollars I had of hers.
  • 7/11 was closed due to construction so there goes my Up Time energy drink.
  • Emails at work aren’t working hence me being able to get a blog post in so early in the morning.
  • My passenger seat is filthy. I spilled chocolate, melted jolly rancher, butter, and banana juice. It looks a mess. My bio dad is cleaning it tomorrow, or so he says.

But despite all the fuckery today has thrown my way there are two good things that occurred today.

  • Nico (my godson) is doing good in school and he loves drawing his shapes.
  • I passed my business test.

It’s not even 10 am yet so we will see how the rest of the day goes. My boss is being a petty asshole though. How is everyone doing on this hump day?