My Seven Deadly Sins… Sorry? Not Really..

Yesterday, I took a study break and decided to finally watch Seven on Amazon. I love me some Brad Pitt, I wonder if I have a chance with him now that he is on the verge of being single. Anyway, the movie was really good and I recommend it. I decided to list the seven deadly sins and how I am not perfect because like most people, I sin. I don’t go out of my way to be a sinning bastard but things happen. Here is the list I came up with, enjoy!

Lust: What turns me on the most:

  • Geeky guys with nice smiles.
  • Guys with long hair that isn’t greasy.
  • Girls that have nice arms.
  • Guys who love dogs.
  • People that hoard books.

Gluttony: Things I overindulge in:

  • Food
  • Unnecessary spending.
  • Sarcasm.
  • Stalking on Instagram.
  • Dos Equis.

Greed: Things I want now:

  • A plane ticket to California.
  • New Doc Martens.
  • Food.
  • A $,1000 raise added to my salary.
  • New episodes of Degrassi with the original cast.

Sloth: Things that make me a lazy fuck:

  • Eating too much.
  • The day after a night out drinking.
  • Hours of playing the Sims 3.
  • Countless binge watching of Maury.
  • Driving.

Wrath: What makes me want to punch people:

  • All types ignorance.
  • My mothers boyfriend.
  • People who destroy books for “art”.
  • Horrible grammar on purpose.
  • Driving through New Jersey, the state built under highways.
See more things I hate here and here

Envy: Things that get me jealous:

  • When my friends travel and I don’t.
  • When I hear someone singing better than me.
  • When my sister gets to do the things I never got to do.
  • When my friend brags about all the money she makes.
  • When someone who isn’t Hispanic speaks better Spanish than me.

Pride: Why I love myself:

  • I caught over 200 Pokemon in Pokemon X.
  • I can read pretty fast.
  • I am a smart cookie.
  • I am sarcastic to the point where people get offended.
  • I have a cute nose.

This picture summed it up perfectly!

I am a sinner. I also try to not boast about my Pokemon skills but I cannot help it. Have you guys seen the movie Seven? Do you guys sin? Let me know. Happy Hump Day!




9 thoughts on “My Seven Deadly Sins… Sorry? Not Really..

  1. I’ve seen the movie but it’s on my list to watch again (last time was yeeaars ago).
    I try not to sin, but it’s useless, isn’t it? We all do it, sometimes I go a whole day without doing anything but hang on the couch and play Harvest Moon (Pokemon never did it for me… But my strawberries are five-stars and I rock all cooking contests!).


  2. I really liked this post…great idea! I’d also like to borrow your idea sometime and write about my seven deadly sins. I’d include a link to yours so you get full credit!

    Seven is a good movie! If you haven’t seen Legends Of The Fall yet, I consider it to be Brad Pitt at his finest!


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