Hey guys! Remember my last post? Testing Testing 1,2,3? Where I foolishly put up a blog schedule? Remember? Yeah. Thursday and Friday I highly doubt I will be blogging. Why? Well. I have to study for stupid ass Calc. Who invented math?!? Seriously. Who? I already know that I am not going to have any time to be creative. When I stare at numbers all my happiness and imagination just go away!


Anyway. I need to get my life in order. Here’s a little bullet note on all the shit I need to do.

  • Buy a planner to write and visualize my life.
  • Clean my car.
    • Thoroughly clean it.
  • Go over my finances.
  • Go over chapter 1 and 2 of math notes.
  • Fold my laundry.
  • Mop my floors.
  • Try to throw out trinkets
    • Play with them first
      • No throwing them out is the best.
  • Try to read half of the accounting Chapter 1
  • Kidnap a math wiz to do my calc.
  • Try not to sleep Sunday away.

I need another me and possibly another day. I promote Sunonday. You know, that moment between Sunday and Monday. That tiny brief moment at 11:59:59.

So things you guys should do for me as my fellow blog followers.

  • Push Congress to make Sunonday a real day!
  • Do my calc Chapter 1 & 2 reviews.
  • Find the guy who invented math and give him a nice punch.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a post about me going on hiatus. This blog is the only thing keeping me sane! I am just saying besides Mondays, I don’t know when I am going to actually be blogging. It might be two days a week, might be one, I need to get used to this schedule and fully adapt to the change before making any major decisions!

Words I should live by!

How is everyone’s hump day? Better than mine?