College: What I Don’t Miss

Happy Friday peeps! The semester has already started and I am trying to stay above the water. Because I have night / weekend classes I start later and the semester ends sooner compared to you regular people. Tomorrow is my accounting class and I have a feeling it’s going to be my hardest class. Although I am glad to get back into the academic swing of things there are a few things I do not miss about school.

Bad drivers in the parking lot causing accidents.


Rude professors angry that they are teachers.


Someone sitting right next to you even though there are other seats in the classroom.


The professor making us do stupid icebreaking games.


Students that complain about what time the class ends.


Students announcing, “Am I in the right class?” And waiting for an answer without giving any other type of information.


Is anybody here in college or went to college and understand the frustration? Let me know your thoughts!


10 thoughts on “College: What I Don’t Miss

  1. “The professor making us do stupid icebreaking games.”

    I HATE THIS!!!
    I did not end up in student loan debt just so we can “get to know each other”. This is especially not necessary in a class with 30+ students.


  2. My semester has been hectic so far. I’m taking morning classes against my will and it’s hard to get out of bed so early. I’ve already reached the cap of the allowed three absences. 😳 I also have two weekend classes.

    My schedule sucks, but I like my classes. This semester I have annoying people in a few of my classes though. Of course in my writing workshop class the girl I can’t stand ended up in my group and we have to work together the rest of the semester. And he always makes us do group work. Like its so hard to collaborate on a creative writing assignment. Lol.


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