No Buffy pun intended, well sort of.

So, I am driving home minding my business, and excited about today. My friend Faust and I are going to eat dinner and see a movie, he is in the process of writing a book, and needs a break so we are going to unwind.

As I am driving home this guy just decides to change lanes without signaling and almost hits me. REALLY BRO. So I am just fuming because I cannot afford not having a car. I drive the speed limit and I do everything right to have this fucking dirty gym sock almost cause an accident.

I pull up to the side because he is at the light and I am going to catch up to him and confront him. I catch up to him and he is hispanic, don’t know what type of hispanic and I don’t care, I yell and scream, he puts four fingers in the air… Like I am supposed to know what that means and I take notice to the man / woman in the passenger side wearing a shower cap.

I hate people sometimes, I think I may be anti people. I have bad road rage, someone send prayers my way. In hindsight, I know chasing after a complete stranger wasn’t wise but I was angry.