The Life Of Kori

When I saw today’s prompt was Miniature, I thought about my life. I don’t have many people in my life. Throughout my 23 year old life, a lot of people have left, and I rarely let anybody in. I always consider my life a movie, well I haven’t been around long so maybe more of a short film? So compared to others, here are the people staring in my short film, my miniature life. Enjoy!


  • Kori, awkward star of this mess
    • an anxiety riddled, (maybe) depressed, being too sarcastic for people to deal with biracial mess; unintentionally navigating towards quarter-life crises; a chunky, social smoker who eats too much junk food and doesn’t drink enough water; spends too much money on Nico & useless trinkets.

♦ Co – Starring:

  • Marie, the mother
    • a 40 something narcissist, whose backstory includes hustling to provide for her two kids, and yelling at her kids when she feels “attacked”.
  • Jada, the sister
    • the self absorbed coffee-fueled baby, with slight moments of intelligence, and a strong connection with animals.
  • Tay, the co worker
    • a trinket obsessed dog lover with a heart of gold; has a slight shopping addiction but is getting better at it.
  • Ang, the best friend
    • a spoiled, weed smoking semi slacker who has a huge ego and suffers from common middle child syndrome; has been in my life for nine years.
  • Dani, the good friend
    • former hairstylist turned friend; A single mother who is slightly boy crazy that is down for any type of adventure after 11 pm.
  • Frani, the other best friend
    • an aggressive (but in a good way) hello kitty obsessed blogging buddy who lives across state lines but speaks to me constantly.

◊ Recurring Characters:

  • Nico, the godson
    • a curious toddler who is obsessed with superheros, milkshakes, and toy unboxing videos.
  • Nana, the grandmother
    • mother of Marie, a woman in her early 60’s who read my diary when I was twelve; she can throw down in the kitchen though.
  • Papa, the grandfather
    • father of Marie, an intelligent man with a kind heart who loves his family.
  • Kal, mother’s boyfriend
    • a bitch ass tool with a good paying job.
  • Madi, Kal’s daughter
    • a spoiled brat who doesn’t shower regularly.
  • Kas, bio dad
    • a deadbeat who won’t admit he is a deadbeat.
  • Dre, dad
    • a deadbeat stuck in 1996.
  • Faust, friend
    • an artist; weirdo; gamer.
  • J, friend
    • a questionable person who I keep around to remind myself I could end up in that horrid predicament.
  • Rina, half sister
    • a slacker who enjoys bar hopping.


I’ve seen this type of format before on tumblr but I am not sure where, I just remember someone doing a post like this, but it was a few years ago. Images found on google.


8 thoughts on “The Life Of Kori

  1. I love this post, it’s so kooky and the deadpan humor is on point. I’m following you now because you’re hilarious and awesome.


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