Day 14: Who is your favorite superhero?

Before Angela Del Toro and Ava Ayala were the White Tiger, Hector Ayala took the role. The reason why he was my favorite is because he is the first superhero I read about that was Puerto Rican like myself. I first came upon the White Tiger in the Daredevil comics in 2003 and I read about his death first. When I did some google searching I read some old school Spiderman comics that he was in.


Since the comic book universe is so vast I do not know if I read every entry Hector was in, but I know I read the beginning, the end, and not so much of the middle. I wish he had had his own title.


Hector wore mystical tiger amulets that gave him super strength, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, and it gave him the abilities of a master martial artist. The catch was that the White Tiger only had all of these strengths when he wore all three of the amulets.


When Hector transformed into the White Tiger he immediately wanted to clean the streets and fought against a gang. I don’t like how Hector was framed for murder then ended up dying. I am glad that his legacy lives through his niece Ava, and hope the White Tiger can transition to TV or a better place in the Marvel comics. Regardless of the small roll The White Tiger plays in the Marvel Universe, he will always be my favorite.


So who is your favorite superhero? Let me know!