I Struggle With RBF

Day 16: What do you think people misunderstand most about you?

People think that because I have resting bitch face (RBF) that I am not approachable. That’s not the case, I am actually nice. Just, don’t tell me to “smile more” because seriously? Fuck off. Okay, that wasn’t nice… but in all seriousness, RBF is a real thing!


Minus the eyebrows… my eyebrows are bushy as fack, and I don’t tame them one bit.

People assume that I have an attitude or giving them dirty looks. I am not. I promise. It’s just what my face looks like. I mean no harm (sometimes I purposely rest my face EXTRA bitchy to piss people off). Thanks to science, hopefully people will know that resting bitch face is real, and I suffer from it. When someone talks to me or when I open up, they are shocked that I am actually normal despite my sarcasm. I am hoping that RBF gets more exposure and people can finally understand, its real.


RBF goals!

Do any of you suffer from RBF? Or is there anything people always misunderstand about you?  Let me know!


5 thoughts on “I Struggle With RBF

  1. *raises hand* I suffer from RBF, too! People always think I am arrogant and uninterested, while in fact I am only thinking of a way to get out of the room/party/awkward social situation. They just don’t get it 😦


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