Day 15: Describe 3 significant moments from your childhood.

I hate talking about my childhood. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. Anyway, here are three moments that are so significant I can remember what I was wearing.

Pool Hell


When I was seven I almost drowned. My idiot cousin had the greatest idea of us sharing a floaty, then he proceeded to go into the deep end, finally he was moving around, and I ended up slipping through the tube and almost drowned. Eventually I swam back to the shallow end but it freaked me out. It took me a while to get comfortable in the water again.

Park Disaster


I don’t remember if I fell or if I was pushed, but there were these mean girls near the slide, and I feel off. I was at a ghetto park in Brooklyn. I had to be six or seven. My aunt almost beat up the girls who were probably nine or ten. The moment that I fell felt so slow, I remember the sky looking so pretty.

Pathetic Birthday 


When I was ten I had a birthday party where I invited over twenty something kids from my class and only four kids came. I was crushed. After that I never had a birthday party again, even now, I refuse to have a birthday party because I think nobody is going to come. I had a sweet 16 but I wasn’t given a choice.

Any moments from your childhood that sticks out? I wonder if this is where my anxiety stems from. Any of them better than mine? Let me know! Leave a comment, a like, or you could follow too? Hope you guys have an awesome day!