Day 11: Your top 5 favorite bands. 


Ugh look at sexy Travis Barker.

I first heard the song Feeling This when I was eleven and visiting my cousins in Connecticut. Since then I have been obsessed with Blink-182. My only wish is that I never saw them in concert. I would have loved that.

The Smiths

A young beautiful Morrissey.

I’ve been a fan of The Smiths since I was in Highschool, I have a bunch of songs by them on my phone, and this is another band that I wish I could have seen in concert. My favorite song by them is Shoplifters Of The World Unite.

Hawthorne Heights

R.I.P Casey Calvert.

Oh seventh grade angst. I used to listen to Hawthorne Heights on repeat on my PSP (yes this was before I got an iPod) I freaking love them.  There first two albums, The Silence in Black and White, and If Only You Were Lonely are my favorite. First song I heard from them was Saying Sorry, and that song was my profile song on Myspace for months.


I love Lauren.

If you’ve read this post, then you know that their song Gun hits me in the feels all the time. I discovered CHVRCHES about three years ago and I love every song. The lead singer, Lauren Mayberry has the voice of a freaking angel. Also, they have a new song Bury It  (it’s not new its a remix but damn is it good) featuring Hayley Williams from Paramore. This band is life goals and they are totally underrated.

Little Green Cars

I have a crush on Adam O’Regan

Ah!!! Another underrated band. I love the songs Harper Lee and My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me. This band from Dublin, Ireland needs more exposure. Next time they are in Manhattan I will be seeing them!

Who are some of your favorite bands? Anybody on my list? Send me some recommendations! I love hearing new artists.