Another Weekend 

For a split second I lost control and I actually stated how I feel about my mother. I feel that she just uses my information without asking me, ohhhh when I said that I opened pandora a box. I should have never expressed how I feel. I forgot I’m just supposed to just do everything she says without any issue.

I am trying to be nice and humorous now because that’s how it is, I can’t express how I feel about my mother and what she does to her. No, because she is the most perfect and I am just nasty and mean like Cal (her boyfriend).

I cannot wait until I move out and not deal with her. All it does is cause me more anxiety. Now she’s being all sad and short with me like I stabbed her. I forgot I can’t say anything because she offends so damn easily. I can already forese this being a horrible weekend. I’ll distract myself by cleaning at least.

I am also glad I got off of Facebook, because I know for sure that she’s writing long posts about how I am a horrible daughter and she is a great mother that does so much.


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