Day 9: A letter to someone. 

Dear Vapid Girl,

As I was shopping at Walmart in the book section I heard that comment you made. You were with a friend or a relative, (I honestly don’t care) but she pointed out the new J. K. Rowling play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and you told her, “Nobody cool reads”.

I understand some people don’t like to read and I would never want to bash people who don’t read. I mean, who cares that reading helps expand your vocabulary and other stuff. ANYWAY, because I am afraid to go to jail, I did not deck you in the face. You mocked that girl in a nasty tone. Who does that? If you don’t like to read, thats fine

Cool people read. Don’t get it twisted. Also, don’t tell a reader they aren’t cool.

You aren’t cool.

Get a Life.

Forever wanting to punch you out,


So, as the letter states I overheard this girl tell another girl that reading wasn’t cool. Man, that pissed me off. I hope the other girl bought the book and wasn’t discouraged by her friends comment. Any way, day 9 complete, and later on day 10 will be posted. Thanks for reading, make sure to follow, like, share, comment, and all that good stuff!