To The Girl At Walmart

Day 9: A letter to someone. 

Dear Vapid Girl,

As I was shopping at Walmart in the book section I heard that comment you made. You were with a friend or a relative, (I honestly don’t care) but she pointed out the new J. K. Rowling play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and you told her, “Nobody cool reads”.

I understand some people don’t like to read and I would never want to bash people who don’t read. I mean, who cares that reading helps expand your vocabulary and other stuff. ANYWAY, because I am afraid to go to jail, I did not deck you in the face. You mocked that girl in a nasty tone. Who does that? If you don’t like to read, thats fine

Cool people read. Don’t get it twisted. Also, don’t tell a reader they aren’t cool.

You aren’t cool.

Get a Life.

Forever wanting to punch you out,


So, as the letter states I overheard this girl tell another girl that reading wasn’t cool. Man, that pissed me off. I hope the other girl bought the book and wasn’t discouraged by her friends comment. Any way, day 9 complete, and later on day 10 will be posted. Thanks for reading, make sure to follow, like, share, comment, and all that good stuff!


4 thoughts on “To The Girl At Walmart

  1. I actually think society is too tolerant of the ignorant and that is why we have such an abundance of ignorant people today. I’ve heard it said, “Those who don’t read, really aren’t much better off than those who can’t read.”


  2. Wow, I’m appaled someone can still say that in the modern world. Reading is life and I don’t just sayb that because I love a good story. Good readers, writers, and communicators are the ones who are going places in this place. I am glad you didn’t punch her out all the same. Not worth it.


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