Day 10: Take 7 of your favorite horror villains and put them in a room together. Since I am way behind I am trying to play catch up!

Name: Sam
Franchise: Trick ‘r Treat


He may seem innocent and friendly, but don’t let his appearance fool you. Sam is a demonic pumpkin face who will kill anyone who doesn’t follow the rules and traditions of Halloween. So remember, give out candy till midnight or else Sam will be paying you a visit.

Name: Charles Lee Ray AKA Chucky
Franchise: Child’s Play


Chucky is a serial killer whose spirit is trapped in a doll.

Name: Peter Baker AKA Angela Baker
Franchise: Sleepaway Camp


Raised to be his dead twin sister Angela, Peter is deeply confused regarding his sexuality. While at camp Angela has a mental breakdown and goes on a murderous rampage killing campers and camp counselors.

Name: Jason Voorhees
Franchise: Friday the 13th


He’s undead and unstoppable. After being bullied to the point where he drowned Jason kills anyone that crosses his path. His mother was a nut too.

Name: Dr. Evan Rendell  Jr. AKA Dr. Giggles
Franchise: Dr. Giggles


Not even sure if he is actually a doctor, but he is the son of a doctor who ripped out the hearts of patients. After years in an asylum he escapes to follow his father’s footsteps.

Name: Pennywise The Clown
Franchise: It


With origins that are unknown, Pennywise is a demonic entity that preys on children.

Name: Mike Myers
Franchise: Halloween


As a kid Michael Myers brutally murders his sister. As an adult he brutally murders more people because he is sick in the head. I wasn’t a fan of Rob Zombies version of Michael Myers, it took away from all the suspense.

Outcome: Pennywise and Sam would murder everyone if they were trapped in a room. I mean, they are demons at the end of it. Jason and Mike could have a chance, but I think ultimately the demons would win. Depending on who is the stronger demon, I am not sure who will come out on top. Pennywise can outsmart children but I am not sure how he will match up with Sam.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your 7 favorite villains and the outcome if they were trapped in a room together. Don’t forget to follow and like for more awesomeness.