Day 7: What is something / someone you miss?

Last month I submitted this blog post about my adorable godson. He was with us for a little over two weeks and now that he is gone I miss him terribly. I am seeing him in October for a few days and I am thinking about taking him to Disney again.

He was with us because my mother was granted temporary custody and it was a huge adjustment. The last time my mother had a three year old was in 2001 so she was rusty in the kid department.

I’ve never dealt with a kid that was so full of love and just wanted to hold your hand while he watched toy unboxing video’s on youtube. He has an unhealthy obsession with Spongebob and The Avengers, but I really can’t judge him because I can fangirl on shows too.

I miss kissing his head and cheeks, I miss when I would do that he would say “ugh no lipstick” even though I don’t wear lipstick, I miss him saying, “that’s so cawute”, and I miss him saying, “No, I don’t love you” followed by a wink letting me know that he actually does love me.

This is me. 

I took him to the movies, shopping, and to the arcade. I love spending time with this little dude and I cannot wait to see him again!

Day 7 complete and later I will be posting day 8. I want to play catch up and finish this in 30 days! Is there something or someone that you miss? Let me know! I really enjoy interacting with you guys.