Day 8: What book could you read over and over? *Playing catch up!*

When I was in the 6th grade I was put in the blue reading group, which meant that I read above a 6th grade level. My teacher Mrs. Miller told me that being in this group meant I could read all types of books, not just the ones she assigned, and when she told me that I was so excited. So we had a little book area in the class and by the New Year I had read every single one.


So, with my newly acquired gift card from Christmas I was lurking around Borders (RIP: 1971 – 2011) when I came upon the lovely author, Judy Bloom. I bought 4 of her books, and in a month I had read Deenie, Tiger Eyes, Then Again Maybe I Won’t, and Iggy’s House. Then once those were done I tackled some of her other young adult books like, It’s Not the End of the World,  Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret., Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself, and Blubber. I didn’t want to read her Fudge series because I thought it was too childish. So after reading those books I was once again, alone.


I found myself back at Borders (RIP: 1971 – 2011) and searching for some more young adult books. I remember going to the cashier and asking to point me to some Judy Blume books, and I gave her a list of the ones I’ve already read. Now, I don’t know if the woman didn’t care or she didn’t think it was no harm, but we walked passed the young adult section, and straight to the adult section. At the time, twelve year old me thought adult books were all boring, and were about bills. That was until she handed me two Judy Blume books, Wifey and Forever…


I started with Wifey and I finished it in a week. *Spoilers Ahead* It was a good book about a housewife in the 1970’s who has an affair with her old high school boyfriend. After I finished Wifey I read Forever…, and I finished it in 2 days. Forever… takes place in the 1970’s as well, it was about a girl named Katherine who is dating Michael, and they take their relationship to the physical level. The reason why I am so drawn to this book is because it shows love in it’s purest form. It shows the good of being in love, the bad, and how love can leave you all types of messed up. The book shows how Katherine in Michael meet, how they get together, the first time they had sex, and finally their breakup. The book is raw and way ahead of its time, being published in 1975 I am so sure that it was faced with criticism. The main heroine Katherine is so easy to relate to. I read the book 3 times, the first time when I was twelve, and twice when I was in my twenties. Even as I write this post I have the urge to buy the book on my kindle and read it again.

I hope you enjoyed my post on day 8, is there any book that you guys can read over and over? If so, let me know in a comment. See you tomorrow with day 9!