Day 6: Post 5 pictures of celebrities you find attractive.

Lana Parrilla


Lana currently plays the Evil Queen / Mayor on Once Upon A Time. That’s where I first saw her and instantly I thought she was hot. I met her in June at the Once Upon A Time convention. I was so star struck. She smelled so pretty and was kind. I am looking to meet her again at another convention in San Francisco. I am not a creep.

Chris Evans


We all know him from Captain America but the first time I laid eyes on this hunk of sexy was back when I was 10 years old. I saw the horrible film Not Another Teen Movie and Chris Evans played some airhead jock, I don’t remember much of the movie but he was so good looking. Next I saw him play Johnny Storm in Fantastic 4 and thought he had a superhero face. I was not surprised when he went on to play Captain America.

Jake Gyllenhaal


I love every movie Jake Gyllenhaal has been in. I am not sure if the first movie I saw him in was Donnie Darko or Bubble Boy. I recommend the following kick ass movies because they are awesome and so is Jake: October Sky, Donnie Darko, Bubble Boy, The Good Girl, The Day After Tomrrow (Crappy movie but Jake was good in it), Brokeback Mountain, Jarhead, Zodiac, Brothers, and South Paw. My goodness he is so nice to look at.

Idris Elba


He is so perfect to look at. Love him as Heimdall, he was great in Beasts of No Nation, and his voice in the Jungle Book was haunting. I really appreciate his acting when I saw him in The Office, I was not expecting him to play such a serious role. He also has a British accent which makes him 10x sexier.

Demi Lavato


I didn’t find her attractive until I got older. I love everything about Demi. I don’t really listen to her music much, but I did walk out to her song La La Land for my Sweet 16. I also really like the songs Don’t Forget and We’ll Be a Dream.

Day 6 complete¬†tomorrow is Day 7, can’t wait! What celebrity do you find attractive? Let me know. I can’t believe I just objectified these people.