Day 5: What is your earliest memory?

Sorry for the click bait, my stomach didn’t actually explode but I was sick for a few days. My earliest memory that comes to mind instantly is when I was about 4 years old. As a child I was sassy, sarcastic, and cute. I never changed, I still am those things, but anyway at that time I was an only child and it was all about me. I wasn’t a fan of sharing and I wanted all the attention. I was literally Angelica Pickles.


This was during the summer time I believe, and my cousin Louis was spending a week with us. Louis was a year and a half older than me, he was my moms cousin so that made him my second cousin. Due to my mothers aunt having him at 50, he was sort of slow. He had a hard time paying attention and never watched any television. Sometimes I couldn’t relate to him, but none the less, I still enjoyed playing Pokemon with him.

Even though is was and still is my favorite cousin, I didn’t like sharing all of my toys with him. I hid all my good toys and only let him play with the crappy ones. So on this particular day we were playing N64 when my mom screamed from the kitchen for me to come here. The anxiety kicked in because I thought for sure I was in trouble for something.

I was in the kitchen where my mom says to let Louis now we have firecrackers in the kitchen and if he wants one. For those who have never had firecracker popsicles, you need to go get some. Clearly you’re not an American if you have never had one.

Back in the day, there were only the 12 pack firecracker

When my mother told me this, I had no interest in telling Louis about the treats. In my eyes, this was my house thus these were my firecrackers. I told my mom okay and ran back to my room like nothing. Later that night I devised a plan.

I waited till everyone was sleeping and ran into the kitchen. Using a chair I climbed to reach the freezer, opened it up and grabbed the box. I went into the den and ate every single firecracker. I had 12 firecrackers. I felt satisfied, walked to my room and began to vomit. I got yelled at, was called every name in the book by my parents, and got punished.

The next day I was so sick, I kept throwing up. It felt as if a rock was in my stomach, it didn’t stop me from eating popsicles, but I did steer clear from firecrackers. I want to buy them now that I know they come in a pack of 18. Just thinking about this moment is making my stomach hurt, so maybe I shouldn’t buy them. I don’t remember much after that. Just feeling really sick for a while.

Day 5 complete! Hope you enjoyed my earliest memory. What is your earliest memory? Leave a comment letting me know, and if you haven’t already, follow for more awesomeness. See you tomorrow for Day 6.