Day 4: Create your zombie apocalypse team. The members can be real or fictional, but you must provide detailed profiles for them.

The Leaders

When it comes to an apocalypse a good chain of command is needed. People are going to flock to a compound where the leader is strong, wise, kind, and understanding. There has to be a team leader and someone second in command to help whenever needed.

Team Leader: Buffy Summers
Franchise: Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Don’t let the small frame fool you, Buffy Summers is a freaking vampire slayer. We need someone that will keep everybody in check, be able to rally the troops when needed, and someone to respect their peers is a must. With that being said, Buffy has all of these things. She is also very good with various weapons and let’s not forget she’s good with a stake. She died twice, saved the world numerous times, and she led the war with the potential slayers against the First Evil.

She put a sword through Angels heart AND she had no problem stabbing her fellow slayer sister Faith. She makes the toughest decisions all of the time based on what’s good for others and not herself. She fights the undead on the regular and she can easily chop off a zombie’s head using an ax. She is the perfect team leader.

Second in Command: Steve Rogers AKA Captain America
Franchise: Marvel Universe

Steve went from scrawny skinny kid from Brooklyn to kick ass, crime fighting all-star American super solider. Steve righteous, brave, and devotes himself to protect others. He is a master with his shield, he can do flips off of buildings, and his strength is amazing.

Let’s get back to his shield. It’s made out of a unique steel alloy that can slice through the air like a breeze. The thing is practically indestructible, Hulk and Thor can punch it and nothing happens. It can slice a zombie’s head off as easy as plucking a flower.

Him and Buffy make an exceptional leadership duo. They balance each other out, sometimes Steve needs to remember that his 1940’s views are out to date with the modern world. Buffy could also use someone who is genuine and true. I think I am starting to ship them. They need a ship name. Steven and Buffy. Suffy.

Specialized Positions

These following people focus on training others in their skill set, but don’t let their titles fool you, they are capable of doing other things besides what they are needed for.

The Weapons Expert: Alice
Franchise: Resident Evil


Alice is no stranger to zombies or guns. When it comes to taking out zombies and military personal, Alice is definitely top on that list. She can kill you with a handgun, shotgun, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, and anything she can salvage. She has killed thousands of zombies and mega zombies which makes her an excellent weapons expert, she knows which guns to use, and can show you how to use it. Show Alice a weapon she doesn’t know and she will figure it our quicker than most.

The Melee Expert: Pai Mei
Franchise: Kill Bill


When he joins my team, I am making him wax his eyebrows, but that’s besides the point. Not everyone is good with a gun no matter how trained they are. That’s why my team will have a melee expert showing them how to fight in close quarters. Pai Mei is a thousand-year-old legendary master of Bak Mei and Eagles claw style of kung fu. Hell, the man taught Beatrix Kiddo and took out Ellie Driver’s eye. There’s supposedly a legend that he killed sixty monks single handedly.

Finally, he knows the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. It is a fatal blow and after five steps the person’s hearts explodes inside of their body. He will be on my team training everybody.

The Explosives Expert: Tony Stark AKA Iron Man
Franchise: Marvel Universe


Tony a womanizing playboy who is probably richer than Bruce Wayne. I need him on my team because with his super genius intelligence he will generate some awesome explosives that will keep the zombies at bay. He is also an awesome engineer; he can fix almost anything machine based. Tony is also multilingual which would be a great help to Eve. Tony Stark will make an amazing explosive expert and will be a great fighter when kicking zombie ass.

The Communication Expert: Eve Moneypenny
Franchise: James Bond


Even though she is good with a gun, I need Eve to make use of her secretary skills. She is the secretary to James Bond which means she is good with communication. I need to her man whatever radio or two-way we have to, contact other survivors, keep track of any of our team members in the field, and to report any type of city rescue. Eve’s skill set will be vital to this team.

The Agricultural Expert: Dwight Schrute
Franchise: The Office


Dwight is a jack of all trades. He is top salesman at Dunder Mifflin, he is a farmer, a notary public, and used to be a former volunteer sheriff deputy. Dwight owns an impressive amount of weaponry as well. He will probably be killing zombies in the field with crossbows and trying to help Kate in the kitchen, but ultimately I am utilizing Dwight for his farming skills. He will be a great asset to the team.

Lead Doctor: Cristina Yang M.D., Ph.D.
Franchise: Greys Anatomy


Cristina is focused, smart, funny, and driven. She has superior surgical skills and she will be the head of my survival unit team. She will oversee the doctor and the nurse. She will work closely with Tony (after he is done making some bombs and Sheldon. She works well under pressure and is quick, something that this team needs to survive just in case someone is sick or injured.

Vehicle Expert: Dominic Toretto
Franchise: The Fast and the Furious


Dominic eats, sleeps, and breathes cars. To say that cars are his life is an understatement. He staged a bank heist to steal $100 million dollars from Brazil. The dude is a street racer. He will be the one fixing the cars and probably working closely with Tony and Ratchet when it comes to building strong cars and having Frank drive.

Non-fighting Roles

Don’t let the title fool you, even though these people aren’t fighting doesn’t mean they cannot kick ass. Some of these men and women have experience with weapons and fighting. Even if killing isn’t their purpose, do not underestimate them.

The Scientist: Sheldon Lee Cooper Ph.D., Sc.D
Franchise: The Big Bang Theory


Sheldon’s face needs to be next to the word geek. He is super smart despite his lack of common sense. He has an eidetic memory and a high IQ. Sheldon will be an awesome scientist in my team and we would probably play PS4 together, if Tony and Q can make some electricity.

Doctor: Dr. Melinda Warner
Franchise: Law & Order


Dr. Warner served in the military as a doctor, due to her time in the military she was trained in fire arms, and has been a medical examiner for a little over 20 years. Since Dr. Yang isn’t too good with people, she will be working closely with Dr. Warner but behind the scenes. Dr. Warner will probably have a better chance relating to the other survivors on a more emotional level.

The Nurse: Ana Clark
Franchise: Dawn of the Dead

Doctor Yang, Dr. Warner, and Nurse Ana make the ultimate medical badass trio. The rules of being in a zombie apocalypse is simple. The longer your doctors stay alive, the longer your team stays alive. Ana is quick to thinking up solutions and has no problem killing a zombie if needed. She will be the one out in the field with the other fighters and can hold her own.

The Driver: Frank Martin
Franchise: Transporter

Frank is military trained so I know for sure he will survive a zombie apocalypse. As a driver he is able to do almost impossible maneuvers while being in perfect control. We need drivers like him to move through zombie infested cities. Being a sharpshooter is a plus too.

The Survivalist: Colonel John Matrix
Franchise Commando

We need someone good at fishing, hunting, camping, knowledge of weapon use, and general survival skills. The survivalist of my team, colonel John Matrix will use his skills to teach everybody how to survive. He once jumped out of a plan midair and he once held a M60 machine gun with one hand to destroy an entire army by himself. Like Chuck he prefers to live quietly with his daughter Jenny.

The Engineer: Q
Franchise: James Bond


Any team needs someone that can fix generators, radios, cars, and can create random weapons. Q is the one responsible for all of James Bond’s gadgets, he is a valuable asset on my team. With Tony and Sheldon, they could come up with a generator that will pump in some sort of electricity.

The Mechanic: Ratchet
Franchise: Ratchet & Clank


As a mechanic, Ratchet is able to fix anything, and he uses his wrench as a weapon which is good against zombies. Even though I will be primarily using him for his mechanic skills, I know Ratchet will fight if needed. He also looks like a dog so he may be able to get closer to zombies.

The Chef: Kate Armstrong
Franchise: No Reservations


She is one hell of a chef that scares those around her at the restaurant she works at. People need to be fed during an apocalypse and she will know how cook with limited resources. Let’s not forget chefs are good with knives which is a plus.

The Entertainer: Cherry Darling
Franchise: Planet Terror

Entertainment is needed for a zombie apocalypse. People are going to be depressed and the need for laughter is vital. Cherry has experience with zombies before and as a go-go dancer can keep us all entertained. Oh, did I mention she has a machine gun for a leg? So, I know without a doubt she can handle herself and help out if needed.

The Supply Manager: Chuck Greene
Franchise: Dead Rising


When dealing with large groups we need someone making sure that rationing is done correctly. Someone trustworthy and not bias will be in charge of this. In my team Chuck Greene will be in charge of the rations and making sure the supplies is stocked properly. Chuck is a former motocross champion and mob boss, due to the last zombie outbreak he dealt with he just wants to live peacefully with his daughter Katey. He is good at fighting off zombies with makeshift weapons, so in a worst case scenario he will be able to fend off zombies if it came down to it.

The Teachers: George Feeny & Minerva McGonagall
Franchise: Boy Meets World & Harry Potter


George Feeny: Mr. Feeny served in the Navy so he has some hand to hand combat and weapons training but the next generation needs to be taught. George will provide that and can help with children who may not be adapting well to the change. He taught elementary, junior, and high school. When he tried to retire and realizes he loved teaching he became a college professor. George Feeny is definitely needed to make sure that children feel loved, learn, and know about the world before the outbreak

Minerva McGonagall: Before she was the Headmistress of Hogwarts, and before she was head of the Gryffindor house Minerva McGonagall taught transfiguration. Transfiguration is considered to be very hard magic. Minerva doesn’t play around and anyone who meets her instantly shows her respect. The students will probably fear her at first, but she will teach them wonders.

First To Die: Kevin Malone
Franchise: The Office


First rule of zombieland is cardio. Kevin is known for his lack of exercise and doesn’t know how to eat a piece of broccoli. Sorry Kevin, looks like you’re a goner.

Fighting Roles

These men and women are the reason why everyone else is still alive. They do all the hard work kicking ass and taking no names. Without the following people it would be hard to survive the apocalypse.

The Brawlers: Kratos & Seth Gecko
Franchise: God of War & From Dusk Till Dawn


Kratos: He’s a demigod with super human strength and incredible endurance. He is cruel, mean, reckless, and will kill anyone. In my team I need a little crazy and Kratos will definitely provide that craziness. Kratos will have no problem getting in a zombies face and ripping it off. He was a Spartan general for crying out loud. We all know how hell bent crazy Spartans are.


Seth Gecko: He is like the human form of Kratos. He is your common criminal, only he once fought off a bar full of vampires. In my mind Brawlers need to be a bit unhinged, and Seth has a long criminal record, he is a good bank robber, and I know he will have no problem putting a bullet in a zombie’s head. Seth and Kratos will make a badass team.

The Speed Fighters: Neo & Beatrix Kiddo
Franchise: The Matrix & Kill Bill


Neo: Where do I begin with this badass? Neo can fly and do some kick ass martial arts. He knows his way around a hand gun and always looks out for his team. He is also super smart and good with computers. He will have no problem using a gun putting a bullet in a zombie’s head or just ripping off the zombies head in general.


Beatrix Kiddo: She was trained by Pai Mei and took out the Crazy 88. You truly think a few zombies are going to stop her? She is good with swords and guns, so the answer is obvious.

The Lookouts: Max Payne & Django
Franchise: Max Payne & Django Unchained


Max Payne: Being a lookout is all about being stealthy. As boring as a lookout may sound, the whole purpose of being a lookout is to make sure that zombies don’t get close to the compound, and when out fighting try to take out the zombies quietly to not alert others. The former detective, now vigilante is no stranger to killing. Max Payne has fast reflexes, a skilled acrobat, and can fight hand to hand very well. Max also has a high pain tolerance as well. With Django’s experience with being outdoors the two men with law enforcement experience can make good an excellent lookout.


Django: This former slave, now bounty hunter would make an amazing duo with Max Payne. He is used to the outdoors and given the right tools will be able to spot a zombie before it realizes there is food nearby. Django is extremely gifted in shooting, so he can snipe a zombie before it gets close to the compound.

The Sharpshooters: Agent 47 & Floyd Lawton AKA Deadshot
Franchise: Hitman & DC Universe


Agent 47: This emotionless assassin will make any death look like an accident. He has mastered the art of stealth that he will kill a room full of zombies before Eve can relay that there is danger. Due to being a clone with genetically altered DNA his speed, strength, and metabolism are all heighted. He is also a perfect marksman, an excellent driver, and trained in kickboxing. He probably won’t get along well with Deadshot, and they will probably compete in who can kill the most zombies. I am fine with that.


Floyd Lawton AKA Deadshot: Just like Agent 47 Deadshot has zero emotions. To him killing is killing. He is a man who never miss, which is needed on my team. He has two wrist guns, that’s so badass.

The Guards: Hellboy & Khal Drogo
Franchise: Dark Horse Comics & Game of Thrones


Hellboy: Yes, Hellboy is a half demon son of, a witch and the demon Azzael, but don’t judge him! He is a good guy who fights crime. As a guard he will be protecting the other survivors in the compound if things get hectic. Hellboy has superhuman strength (he weighs 600 lbs), superhuman resilience, superior sight, and he doesn’t really age.  Even though he is good with handguns he is really good at hand to hand combat, he can knock out a group of zombies with a tree, and that shows how strong he is.

Khal Drogo: This savage beast is brutal and shows zero remorse to who is fighting. The zombies may take one look at him and run away. He commands forty thousand warriors and is a skilled leader. Him and Hellboy will probably fight a bit but together they will protect their teammates and other survivors.

The Hunters: Katniss Everdeen & Jon Snow
Franchise: The Hunger Games & Game of Thrones


Katniss Everdeen: Being a hunter means helping clear the area of zombies, having a good sense of the terrain, and hunt for food. Katniss has those traits, she survived The Hunger Games twice, led a rebellion, and she is skilled with a bow and arrow. Due to her difficult upbringing she is highly skilled in archery and hunting. Using her bow and arrow she can hunt food like no other. In addition to hunting for food she can use those hunting skills to put an arrow through a zombie’s eye. I think her and Jon would get along due to their similar upbringing.


Jon Snow: Jon is good with archery, fighting, and keeping himself alive in the harshest conditions. He already died once and has experience dealing with zombies. He can show others how to handle food and themselves during harsh winters since Jon Snow is very familiar to all a lot of snow.

The Raiders: Bonnie & Clyde


This is a real life couple folks. Raiders need to be thoughtless, tough, rugged, and willing to kill other people. Raiders aren’t liked amongst other compounds but they will only raid if need be. Bonnie & Clyde fit this role perfectly, during the great depression they went around robbing and killing when surrounded or opposed.

So I hope you enjoyed my post! If you really like it then you should follow me for more awesomeness. Who would be on your zombie survival team? Anybody on my list? Let me know in a comment! Day 4 complete and tomorrow will be day 5!