Day 3: Weird things you do alone.

I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who does this, it’s just that sometimes when I am bored or in the bathroom, I go on Instagram (I used to go on Facebook) and stalk my enemies. Okay, I think enemy isn’t a good word, I stalk the people I don’t like. I don’t know if that is classified as weird, or psychotic, but none the less that’s what I do.

This is a nice hoody.

Sometimes when I am really low I stalk my ex-boyfriend Lee’s Instagram and gloat in the fact that his dream of becoming a doctor has been crushed due to getting a girl pregnant. He used to constantly rub into people’s face that he went to Old Westbury University (it’s no Stonybrooke people) and from what I’ve seen and heard he has dropped out due to getting a girl pregnant. So, stalking him is sort of a reminder that my life is significantly better. I am harsh.

When I was in the 6th grade I was bullied by these group of girls, I take pride in knowing that their lives are horrible. One girl has 3 kids and lives in a slum, another girl is a druggie, and another is a prostitute. I swear Instagram, Facebook, and even twitter stalking is the best thing.

I sometimes stalk the “popular” girls I went to high school with. Half of them look so old due to partying and the other half are actually successful and I am slightly jealous.

HOWEVER, random thing happened about a month ago. This guy I was talking to on plenty of fish went out of his way to find me on Facebook and message me. I found it so freaking weird, he thought it was normal, but I found it creepy. So, while I love stalking people online, I hate being the one being stalked. It’s creepy.


With that, day 3 of this challenge is complete. I hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know anything weird that you do alone, or weird in public. See you tomorrow (Monday bleh) for day 4.