Day 2: 10 of your favorite foods.

This is in no order… it’s all really good. There is no real confession. We all know I am fat.



First time I had this delicious goodness was at the Indian Pow Wow somewhere in the Hamptons. Man this street corn is amazing, spicy and fills you up. I wish I  wasn’t lazy so I can actually make this. I can’t wait till next month to eat it again. It’s very simple to make. All you need is an ear of corn, some butter, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, and Mexican cream (mayo if you can’t find it) And some lime. It’s like heaven.

Boneless Chicken Wings


I love boneless wings. I could eat that for lunch everyday. I like all different types of sauces. Sriracha Buffalo, Teriyaki, Jack Daniels, Asian Zing, and Honey Garlic. I think I am going to have Wings later on today.

Beer Battered Onion Rings


I am so picky with my onion rings but man does Buffalo Wild Wings get them right. I think this is the only place where I order onion rings. It’s crunchy and they serve it with a sauce that is really good. This post is making me hungry.

Mashed Potatoes


I like my mashed potatoes with bacon, little tiny tomato chunks, cheese, garlic, and just anything. I like it with gravy, with hot sauce with butter, and I could go on and on. I love mashed potatoes, its the best thing. I want to mix it with elote, I bet that would taste divine.



Oh where to I begin? Theres grandma slices, margarita slices, pepperoni toppings, black olives, red peppers, extra thin crust, extra sauce, triple cheese, cut in sixteen’s, and pizza was God’s gift to the universe. Pizza is so good. Who doesn’t love pizza? I can’t even pick whats my favorite topping. I’ve had all types of pizza and my favorite has to be simple plain pepperoni. Elote on top of pizza sounds good, I have to try it.

Corn Dogs


When I was 17 I got so high I made an entire box of these and ate them all. I love corndogs with ketchup, mustard, and relish. These things are delicious and I am most likely going to eat my weight in them one day.

Cap’n Crunch


This is the best cereal on the face of the planet. Yes, it sometimes hurts the roof of your mouth, but MAN does this cereal taste the bomb. I love the original corn flavored ones but the berry one is so good too. I could eat this for breakfast all the time.



Do I even have time to go into detail why this is the best? Okay good cause I am not. When I was in Orlando I went to this comedy club that served Sriracha-Candied Bacon. It was amazing. So I suggest you click the link and eat it!



Spaghetti, angel hair, rigatoni, and whatever elsetoni. I love me some pasta. I love my pasta with meatballs, different types of sauces, and I love pasta. I want to try pasta with chicken and elote. I love me some elote.



The best breakfast food to have with eggs and bacon. I love grits. Somebody needs to come to my house and make me the picture. That looks amazing.

Day 2 is done! Stay tuned for day 3 .