Day 1: Choose a song at random and write a short horror story inspired by it.

Song: Kim & Jessie
Artist: M83
Music Video

Okay, before I start my story I have to say that this song is one of my favorites. It’s really good and I interrupt it as two girls being in love but are being watched by their peers, and feel as if they have to hide who they really are. M83 is also a kick ass band. Anyway, enjoy the story!

Title: Unfortunate Conditions
Author: Kori
Word Count: 1009
Rating: T
Copyright: This is my story, don’t copy my shit bro. I don’t own the characters though, its from a song. Not sure how this copyright thing works though. Don’t steal my shit though.

Day 1

I am finally utilizing this tiny journal Kim got me for Christmas, it’s small enough for me to carry anywhere. We landed a few hours in Puerto Rico for a roller skating tournament this weekend. In the meantime, we have a few activities for us to do. First thing on the agenda is a tour of an old elementary school on a smaller island a few miles north. Apparently scientists performed experiments on children and wildlife there. None the less, I cannot wait to go exploring! The small boat trip to the little secluded island will be fun!

Day 2

The boat ride was exciting! It’s only 4 of us on the tour, Kim, myself, Garret, and his wife Pam. When we reached the island it was deserted. The captain of the ship, Marco, has stated that a storm is supposed to come later that day. Our tour guide never shows. We go inside the school and it looks a bit run down. A few hours later its stormy out, it’s raining so hard we can’t even see, and the sky is a dark grey. I just hope this school has food.

Day 4

The employee kitchen is stocked with a lot of dry food that should last a month or so, but we shouldn’t be here long. Our phones don’t work and it sucks. The captain is nervous because the storm swept away the boats and his communications are down. Using Kim’s binoculars, I haven’t seen one single ship since the storm. I spent an hour or so looking at the shore and San Juan looks so deserted. Where did everyone go? Was the island evacuated because of the storm? I am freaking out. Why weren’t we rescued? As I sit and write this on the beach I see Garret and Pam are going for an evening swim.

Day 7

Good news: This experience has made Kim and I grow closer.

Bad news: Garret and Pam never came back from their evening swim and Marco got drunk and hit his head on rock.

Kim and I tried to carry him into the school to nurse him back to health but what do two 17 year olds know about helping someone who is sick?!? On TOP of that Marco is too heavy for us to move.

What I don’t understand is how he is still alive. He fell, hitting his left temple and it looks pretty deep but, he still moaning and groaning. Orange bile is spilling from his ears which doesn’t seem normal and his skin looks like he is drying out. He smells so bad.

Day 8

The moaning of Marco kept us up all night. Kim is terrified and so am I. His eyes are a dark cloudy grey now, his body is bloated and yet still he is still alive. He is twisting in a small puddle of orange bile. Kim can’t stand the sight and it grosses me out as well. She says she’s going to put him out of his misery.

The bodies of Garret and Pam washed up, covered in orange bile, they smell really horrid just like Marco, and I am not sure how they died.

Day 10

I love Kim. I really do, but what she did was idiotic. She wanted to shoot him instead of rolling him into the ocean. We found an old gun in the school basement and when she shot him his body exploded. It was fucking weird. I never curse but, bodies don’t explode when you shoot them right? This isn’t one of those video games like my brother plays. There was blood and guts everywhere and even MORE orange bile.

But Marco didn’t die, he is still out in the beach screeching, moaning, all while his guts are out of his body.

The worst part is that we were both covered in that orange bile. Some got in our mouths. I spent that morning throwing up in the bathroom and, Kim has been coughing up orange bile. She blacked out for a few and I feel dizzy myself.

Day 13

I don’t remember what happened these last 3 days. I randomly found myself roaming the halls of the school. Kim is in the beach drinking the ocean water. Her lips are black. I don’t know why she is drinking this when there is food in the kitchen. Will anyone come for us?

Day 14

Marco is slithering like a snake across the sand. I am tired. Kim’s holding me but she hasn’t spoken since she shot him. He finally went into the ocean.

Day 17

The air reeks. It may be the ocean. Fish, sharks, and whales are floating dead in the water and the ocean that was once blue is now a dark brown murky color.

Day 19

A ship finally came yesterday. We have been on this island a little over two weeks. I have been blacking out since Kim shot Marco, and sure enough I blacked out again when we were rescued. When I finally woke up I was laying on the ground, surrounded by dead bodies. The men in hazmat suits, the cook, and the other “survivors” all dead. Kim wasn’t too far, she was coughing up orange bile.

I don’t know how they died, or why Kim and I are riddled with bullet wounds, or why orange bile is pouring out of me. I feel no pain and I haven’t eaten since Kim shot Marco.

Kim has a huge shot gun hole in her back but she, is steering the boat towards the mainland, without a care in the world. I can’t wait to head towards San Juan International Airport and head back home to Dallas. A doctor needs to look at our bullet holes, why food doesn’t satisfy our hunger, and why we leave a trail of orange bile as we walk.

I can’t wait to get off this island. I am starting to feel dizzy again. Can’t wait to be home. Kim & Jessie forever!

Day 1 complete. Let me know if you enjoyed the story! Check out more music by M83 on youtube. See you tomorrow for day 2!