Oh, hi everyone. It’s been a while since I did this.

Went live with the new system and my boss was being a mega little bitch because I didn’t do one thing, it caused a chain reaction of him being a major dick to me the entire week. His son was running around (yes the same son with NO experience) micromanaging everyone.



Same shit as yesterday only my mother being annoying. She spent most of her day yelling at me which is a common norm. My bosses son is still a scrotum derp face.



The trainer is gone, so we are on our own. The system would be 10x better if we were trained properly but guess what? We weren’t because my boss would rather train his son versus his employees. He’s so hell bent on thinking that people are going to screw him over. Not for nothing, when dealing with customs brokerage the systems are all different but are similar. I wouldn’t be worried about that. Be worried that I know your sell rate overseas, the rates with truckers, all the little hints, and all the tricks. If I go work for another company I’m taking that with me. Not information from a training system.



Normally we have community lunch day, but in all honesty, I don’t give a fuck about anybody at my job. They can all go fuck themselves as far as I am concerned. My boss was in a better mood and he was trying to crack jokes, I could care less about you bro. I’m here to work then go home.



Thank god it’s Friday. My mother spent most of the day yelling and screaming. I am so tired of her using my car, I am so tired of my sister not focusing and not working on getting her license. I’ve been smoking again and drinking like a fish.



Saturday was good, no complaints. Only my mother harassing me, but she always harasses me so yeah….



Had dinner with an ex friend that I had not seen in a year. He proceeded to tell me, “we can no longer be friends.” Hi bitch, we haven’t even BEEN in each others lives in a year. I told him he can text me, but in all honesty I am probably going to block his number because he is a pain.


Today is Monday, another shitty week probably. Anything pissed you guys off recently?