This Week I Am Miriam Pataki

*Warning: This post contains bad words. More than usual. So if you don’t like bad words then don’t read.*

As my title says, this week I feel like Miriam Pataki, minus having kids. If you don’t know who she is then watch this short YouTube video. I work at a freight forwarding company doing imports. To those that know what that is, awesome, and for those who don’t there is always google. But on Monday 8/1 we went live with our new system, which wouldn’t be a huge issue, but unfortunately nobody was trained, and now we are all just guessing when it comes to entering information. Which in the end is a big waste of time.


My boss, Twat has a son who is a year older than me but with half of a brain, instead of training the managers, my boss decided to train his son of everything freight and brokerage related. That logic makes zero sense and it’s really annoying to have Twat Jr. hover over me as if he knows what he is doing.


But I am going off topic.

The daily prompt is Craving, and since last weekend I have had a special craving. I won’t say what it is, but you can guess.


Work has been stressful to the max and my boss has been on asshole mode since our new system went live on Monday. He has crushed my spirit when I walk into this hellish place and I no longer sing while I work.


Today is going to be horrid when my manager leaves at 2 pm. I am trying to pump out all of my work before she does that way when he comes twatting in, with his twat self, and asks me twatty questions, I have an answer for him. But once 5 pm hits…..


Yes, I have been drinking more. It’s okay though. It’s all for my sanity. In the end that matters, right? Right? Anywho, that’s my craving. My week is going hell and even though I prefer hard liquor and wine coolers, I tried Dos Equis on Monday night, and loved every bit of it. Anybody have some good beer recommendations to give? Or if you want to tell me to stop drinking, that’s fine too.




7 thoughts on “This Week I Am Miriam Pataki

  1. Dos Equis is delicious. If you want something stronger, try Bird Dog Whiskey. I don’t know if you like whiskey, but I buy the Blackberry flavor and drink it “on the rocks” like I’m 90. And it actually tastes like Blackberry.


  2. Bacardi Reserva is good if you like rum. Or if you can find a liquor store that has imported goodness, try finding a bottle of Vana Tallinn. It’s my absolute favourite: rum mixed with several herbs. It’s sweet, it’s strong (40%) and after two sips you’ll feel like a different person.
    Good luck with your Twat Bosses 😉 Hopefully everyone will get used to the new system soon so they can stop being heinous to everyone and you can pick up your singing.


    • I will definitely be on the look out for some Vana Tallinn. I am slowly getting used to the new system, although I prefer the old system a tad bit more. This place is such a killjoy now, I don’t think my bosses deserve to hear my awesome (slightly off key…. maybe a lot off key) singing.

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