Slowly Daily Prompt #3

To some my life is great but to me, eh, I think my life kind of sucks. So, instead of bitching about it constantly, I am working on some changes (that’s why I haven’t blogged much) When I saw the Daily Prompt I immediately thought of all the changes I was making, I am not looking for quick results in happiness or anything, so slowly but surely I am making changes in my life to better my mental and physical health.

1. Less Facebook

I spend a shit ton of time on the internet. I spend 8 hours at work on the internet and then another 6 when I get home, (I think that’s why I am fat) and so I decided for health purposes to delete Facebook. Well, I deactivated Facebook because you can’t really delete it. I still have Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr but I don’t use those sites a whole lot. I want to limit my online activity to work only.
2. Less Soda
Oh this is hard, I don’t think I can fully give this up. 7/11 just came out with a Jones Co. Soda type of product. It’s jam packed with sugar and it’s amazing. Amazing with a capital A. I have 2 sodas at home and one at work (that I am currently drinking as I type this up). Once I drink those I will cut out my soda intake. I will try to drink more water.
3. Less Cigarettes
I quit smoking a month or two ago but due to stress this week I’ve “borrowed” about 5 cigarettes from my co worker. I need to stop before I develop a habit and buy a pack. I keep thinking, “a cigarette a day will keep the cravings at bay” but that’s a fucking lie.
4. Less Clothes
I ended up going through my closet and chucking 4 bags of clothes for donations. I have all this extra space and it makes my closet seem less messy. Next I have to tackle all my trinkets (wires that connect to nothing, notebooks, yu gi oh cards, birthday cards from 2008… basically a junk draw).
4. More Biking

I am the VERY, VERY, VEEEERY proud owner of a new DiamondBack Vital 2 bicycle. I fell in love with the hybrid bike at Dicks and found it online at amazon for $77 cheaper. It has been YEARS since I rode a bike and I am so nervous because my mother has been poking fun that I spent money on a bike, and I know for a fact she has zero faith in me that I am going to ride it. A part of me bought the bike to prove her wrong but another part of me really wants to get active. I spend my days sitting and its just unhealthy. I want my double chin to be gone. I am picking up tomorrow and hopefully I can get back on without feeling anxious.
5. More Sleep
This work week I have been sleeping good. Normally I am up until 3 AM but this week I have been falling asleep around 12/1 am. It’s not great, but it is better than before, and I am working on it.

Hope you guys enjoyed my take on the prompt and I hope you enjoy the weekend!