• Age 7 – My school was having a culture day and there was this girl who was from Jordan. She spoke with an accent and my friend Natalie thought it was funny. I don’t remember if it was her or me who did it but we put chips in her ice cream when she went to the bathroom. I don’t know why I always remember this day and this moment but when I think of it I feel bad.
  • Age 10 – Running away from home. I think I scared my sister most of all. I remember her screaming my name when I walked out of the door. I got into a huge fight with my mother and father and I was fed up with them.
    • I wouldn’t call it running away though. It was around noon and I ran to the store and bought chips & a capri sun. Sigh, I miss bodegas.
  • Age 12 – Making fun of Dari when I saw all the used kotex pads under her bed during a sleep over. Clearly she needed a lot of help.
  • Age 13 – Stealing my sisters Nintendo’s DS. I used to justify it as her always stealing things from me. But I am supposed to be setting an example and I know that now.
    • I never gave it back and I think I ended up trading it in.
  • Age 17 – I had a huge crush on Kay and I didn’t know how to handle it. I thought it was normal to find girls cute and what not, however, I had a huge crush on her. Instead of dealing with it I started all of this drama. She had become friends with someone else and I was really jealous. I started rumors about Kay and lost a good friend in the process.
    • I spoke to her last during graduation and said, “Good Luck with everything.”
    • I wonder if she ever knew if I liked her.
  • Age 19 – I lived with my grandparents and I couldn’t stand them. They were always in my business and were aggravating. I should have taken into consideration that they were older and set in their ways. I regret being mean to them. I would lie and say I was going to work just to leave the house and would be very inconsiderate.
  • Age 22 – Even though I regret being mean to my grandparents doesn’t mean they aren’t assholes. Last year I took them to Disneyworld and paid a little over $300 for their tickets and food. All they did was complain how hot is was (mind you they fucking LIVE in Orlando) and my grandmother was crying about not being able to smoke. It really opened my eyes on how shitty they were. I vowed to never do something nice (unless its for my love bug Nico) for family again.


I assumed writing all these things would be therapeutic. (And, as I sit and type all of his I see some bitch face I went to high school with. She was a cheerleader / uppity whore. Ugh, anyway back to my depressing ass blog post.) Instead it made me realize that at times humans can be the worst, given how we were raised we can come off as spineless individuals who take advantage of others. Anybody has any regrets?