My Top 10 Favorite Charmed Episodes

Hey there, welcome. Major spoilers for those who have not seen the show. Enjoy!

The Witch Is Back – Season 1 – Episode 9


This is the first episode where we are introduced to a Halliwell ancestor. I liked it because it shows a glimpse down the Warren line. I wish that Melinda Warren would have been brought back again, because even though there were Warrens before her, she was the first witch born into her mortal family. Throughout the show you hear that she was the reason of the Charmed Ones powers, yet you never hear much about her other than that. She deserved more than two episodes on the show.

Déjà Vu All Over Again – Season 1 – Episode 22


Charmed conflicts are usually over within the episode. A demon comes, tries to kill them, they stumble, the demon tries again, the sister’s figure out the plan, and then they kill the demon. Charmed normally takes the easy way out and death on the show isn’t taken seriously because most of the times the characters are seen again (Like Grams & Patty). Andy however, dies in this episode and isn’t seen again. Now, it’s a bit morbid to say I enjoyed this episode because he died, but I mean, his death was the driving force for Prue to focus more on being a witch. Prue was reluctant about her whole role as a witch, so this boost was needed.

Morality Bites – Season 2 Episode 2


As I’ve stated before Charmed tends to take the easy way out. This episode we see the sisters using personal gain like its no big deal. In this episode their neighbor allows his dog to shit on their lawn and thats where it all starts. Dog Shit. So, to give it a little recap, Phoebe get a premonition about her execution, which is her being burned at the stake. The sisters go into Charmed mode and end up traveling to the future to save Phoebe. They see their lives and although Prue has some major accomplishments and so does Piper, they do not like how their future selfs turn out. Essentially they have grown a part. Piper has a failed marriage and Prue is a lonely workaholic. Piper also has a daughter with Leo and I enjoyed the parallel of Piper binding her future daughters power the same way Grams bound Piper and her sisters power. When we see Phoebe she is shown in her cell proclaiming her innocence, and waiting to be rescued. That is until Leo shows her a premonition of her actually committing the murder and breaking it to her that no rescue is coming.

Now in typical Charmed fashion Prue and Piper bust in at the last second to save Phoebe but she doesn’t want to be saved, she knows that she committed a crime, and doesn’t want the persecution of witches to continue. So as she’s burning they are sent back to the future. What I like about this episode is that Charmed did not take the easy way out. The sisters occasionally have been using magic for personal gain and needed to learn that with every action there is a reaction. They realize that they have the potential of doing harm and that there are consequences. They don’t solve anything or save anybody while in the future, they are just sent there to observe, and learn from what they see. As soon as they get back, they hear a dog bark and sure enough its the guy about to let his dog take a fat shit on their property. What I like is the little speech Phoebe gives.

Prue: Not again.
(The guy’s dog squats on their path.)
Piper: This guy still hasn’t learnt his lesson.
Phoebe: Apparently neither have we. I think this is why we were sent back here to this moment in time. This is where it all started. The first time we used our magic for revenge.
Piper: But it’s just a little thing, it’s harmless.
Phoebe: Yeah, but once you break the small rules, it’s just a matter of time before the big ones are next.

The funny thing of it all, the dude who had his dog shitting everywhere was Pratt, the guy who made sure Phoebe burned was his ultimate goal. This episode was good because we saw the future (even though by S4 that future won’t be shit haha get it? Shit?!?) and they didn’t take the easy way out.

Blinded by the Whitelighter – Season 3 Episode 11


Lot’s of major things happen this episode. Piper and Leo are officially engaged, (even though I cannot stand Leo), we see the cloudy heavens where everyone is walking around in white robes, looking like the klan, and we hear whitelighters speak this weird language that’s just a bunch of clicking and clacking sounds. Also, a big revelation this episode was that Phoebe finally confesses to Leo that Cole is alive because she couldn’t bring herself to throwing the potion. I liked this episode due to the change of things, we see another whitelighter, we get a glimpse of the heavens, and finally a weight is lifted off of Phoebe by confessing the truth to Leo.

Sympathy for the Demon – Season 5 – Epsiode 7


The feeling of being inadequate is horrible. When growing up with siblings I am 100% sure the youngest one normally feels overshadowed by the oldest, and the oldest feels ignored to the youngest. In this episode we see Paige feel that she isn’t good enough compared to Prue. She had some sort of inferiority complex and we see the demon Barbas play on that, and the sister’s fears. I like how we see the sister’s true fears. Phoebe is afraid of turning evil, Piper is afraid on becoming a mother, and Paige feels inferior to Prue. When they did the fear episode in season 1 it wasn’t the greatest. They really dig deep into the sisters hearts and minds and we see what scares them most.

Centennial Charmed – Season 5 – Epsiode 12


Okay, this episode made zero sense. Cole casts a spell to alter reality, leading to Paige’s death and destroying the Power of Three. Now in the regular reality Prue dies, Paige reunites with the sisters, Shax is vanquished, and the Source is vanquished. Belthazor in this reality is the Source’s personal representative, which makes no sense. Why would Cole/Belthazor decide this? In the final episode of season 3 we see that the Source wants wants Phoebe to stay in the Underworld and when Phoebe agrees to save her sisters, the Source orders Cole imprisoned and Phoebe killed. So I don’t understand what happened to make things change. But, that’s besides the point. I liked this episode because Cole is finally vanquished. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Cole’s character but by this season they were destroying all the positive character development. Charmed ruined his story and when he was vanquished it was like he was finally set free.

Spin City – Season 6 Episode 18


As Charmed went on, I feel as if the seasons got worse & worse. Season 6 is no exception. I like this episode for the simple fact that Chris beat Leo’s ass. WE all know how I feel about deadbeat daddy Leo and sure enough Chris state show much of a deadbeat he truly is.

Crimes and Witch Demeanors – Season 6 Episode 19


As much as I love sass its obvious that by the end of the series Paige was the most likable sister because her character was just there. Now Piper is my favorite because like I said, love the sass, however she grew to be this nasty person compared to Piper S1. So, in this episode Phoebe is rushing to find a man that she uses her powers so hastily in a vanquish that it gets caught on camera. The lovely cleaners come along and frame Darryl for it, a bunch more stuff happens but if you have TNT or Netflix you can check for yourself. Any who, Phoebe is punished for personal gain and her active powers are taken away. I think I was the ONLY one who clapped for a job well done. I am sorry. not ONLY did she use her power for personal gain but she HAS been using them for personal gain since season 4 onward. The tone of the show changed 100% after Prue died, which happens when a lead has to be replaced, but the character development got worse. But back to Phoebe, ya know, PHOEBE, the same chick who was burned at the stake in season 2? Yeah, she apparently learned nothing. She deserved her powers taken away. So I like that this episode dealt with her deal thing with her actions and getting in trouble.

Imaginary Fiends – Season 7 episode 20


By the end of Season 5 I was done with the show. But it was a guilty pleasure of mine, so I couldn’t stop watching. This episode deals with Wyatt and a demon who is lurking after him. Why this episode is a favorite of mine is because Evil Wyatt shows them simply that killing the demon won’t revert him, that he chose to be evil, he kills the dude right in front of his family, and he is still alive being evil and such. I’ve always liked Evil Wyatt and would have loved to see more of him and his struggle between good and evil. 

Vaya Con Leos – Season 8 Episode 10


Season 8 was garbage and if I ever rank the seasons you would know why, but if you watched the show from start to finish then I am pretty sure you have an idea. Anyway, in this episode Leo is about to die but instead gets frozen. I would have preferred death. I felt that he should have died because it would have spiced things up and revived the show. I liked the episode because it opened to my eyes about the Avatars and Elders. They truly suck and even when Piper begged both of them, they turned away.

I hope you guys enjoyed my list! Do any of you watch Charmed? If so, what is your favorite epsiode?

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