The Tomorrow Syndrome 

I’m having a bad case of “I’ll go tomorrow” when it comes to heading to the gym. As I sit at Friday’s waiting for a shit ton of food for me to shovel down, I reflect on my laziness. I need to get my fat ass to the gym because I know for a fact that I am killing myself slowly but I keep making excuses not to go. How do I break this horrible cycle?

I am feeling a bit under the weather but it’s not life threatening. I should be going to the gym but a part of me is afraid too. I have no idea why, I’ve gone before, I think I’m just making excuses, I need to go. I need to just take Shia’s advice and do it.

I want a gym buddy but I have no friends and the friends I do have don’t want to go to the gym.

Help me.

Someone come to NY and beat me up till I excersise. I’ve mentioned in a previous post on why the gym sucks but I’m too embarrassed to walk around outside.


2 thoughts on “The Tomorrow Syndrome 

  1. I feel your pain, and I am currently going thru sort of the same thing. Think of the rush you’ll get after a good workout, and imagine yourself begin in the best shape of your life and tell your self that “I’ve got this.” If you like challenges, challenge your self to workout for 21 days to form a new habit and got from there. Remember, baby steps! If you are interested, I use the Nike training club and running app. It allows you to form a program that works with your current fitness level .You’ll like it! best part, your don’t have to pay a dime, or go to the gym, just use your surroundings.


  2. I get like that too. Most peeps talk about cheat days. When I have a cheat day I tend to go on a cheat binge. For days AHHHH! I know its bad, and I still do it. I really try to train myself not to. Lately, I’ve been doing better, but don’t beat yourself down about it. It takes 21 days to create a pattern. You git this! You’l make it happen.


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