Things I Don’t Understand

I should really be asleep, but I am up watching old episodes of Unsolved Mysteries that is making me question life. Hope you enjoy.


  • The entire saying of, “play by the rules”, in all honesty who would want to do that? In my opinion certain rules are supposed and meant to be broken.
  • People who are on social media all day and night, I probably spend an hour on facebook, twitter, and Instagram weekly. That’s roughly a few minutes a day. Also, I am rarely on tumblr thanks to Queue+.
  • The hype of Twilight, Hunger Games, & Divergent. They were all trash. The movies were okay but the books? Trash.
  • Speaking of books, I don’t understand why people who don’t read boast about it. It’s the saddest fucking thing imaginable.
  • My ex boyfriend has a bad lisp, yet he decided to make a youtube channel and try to be a youtuber. I wanted to be petty and report his account. He’s no fucking Ellen Pompeo.
  • Sororities / Fraternities. The media portrays frat parties as places girls go to get sexually assaulted.
  • Beauty pageants for girls who are under the age of 5 years old. I just find it kind of gross.
  • People who honk their horns when picking someone up who lives in a condo. I’ve done it before and had it done to me. It’s fucking annoying, just call the person.
  • Kindergarten graduations. First grade isn’t that big of a deal.
  • Life coaches, I’ll be meeting with one soon so maybe I’ll understand the purpose of them.
  • Is there a Native American history month? If not then how come? They were here waaaaay before we were.
  • Fancy plates, silverware, and fine china. Do people in China have plates called adorable america?
  • People who think that it’s okay to text and drive. Might as well drive blind.
  • Getting a tattoo of a person’s name who isn’t a family. I understand a brother, mother, and what not. However, a tattoo of a boyfriend or girlfriend is stupid. If you guys break up then you are stuck with that reminder.
  • How the whole “lack of coffee” excuse is used to accept asshole fuck face behavior from people. Get over your addiction.


So do you guys have any random thoughts you find yourself thinking about at 3 am?



5 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Understand

  1. I actually looked into becoming a life coach today :’) Am curious how your meeting will go.

    Things that keep me up (or weirdly WAKE me up) at night are thoughts as: “Will I be okay?”, “I have to send *name* an email tomorrow!”, “Should I call the dentist for an early appointment because my jaw’s still hurting?”, and: “What IS the meaning of life?” You know, just random stuff.


    1. I just met with her this morning and I really liked what she had to say but for $425 for 3 sessions I am not sure if its worth it. I took notice of all the books she had on her shelf so I am going to buy them and read lol maybe that would help.

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      1. Hahaha, now I know I wanna be one if they make that much money! But I hope the books can help you out, and maybe you can find an (online) cheaper coach?


      2. I liked what she said but I am a bit discouraged on continue my search lol I feel now that everyone is going to be expensive. If I wasn’t going to school I would have paid in a heartbeat! I want to find a personal trainer or join a boot camp. I just need motivation and right now my motivation is 0 lol

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  2. Now I’m imagining Chinese people referring to their cutlery as “adorable america.” Never knew I needed this.

    A while back I had bigger sleeping schedule issues than I do now so I was jumping around Wiki articles. I ended up on one about the Soviet occupation of the Baltic states which lead me to the “dissolution of the USSR” and basically at 4am I ended up crying to my friend about how cool it was that after 50+ years of dealing with the Soviet Union’s oppressive bullshit Lithuania finally liberated itself in 1991. She thought it was way too early in the morning for historical liberation angst.


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