It’s really annoying how every time I have money my mother hounds and harasses me to borrow it. I made the mistake of saying I wanted to pay $2,000 dollars of my tuition. Of course, my mother said that was stupid, and how I should lend her $500 and she will pay me back $600.

Now I know I have disdain for my mother 99% of the time, but the 1% is the fact that despite her shortcomings she always pays me back. My issue is, I don’t want to lend her any money. But if I don’t then she whines, complains, bitches, and moans. It’s aggravating and half the time I just say yes to shut her the fuck up.

I cannot wait until I move out, I am so tired of her and just everything she represents half the time. I can never openly say my plans or what I want to do because then she throws it in my face.

This was my fuck up because she’s going to harass me to no end to get my ass to the bank and withdraw the money. I mean I am getting an extra $100 but man is she fucking annoying.

I gotta know when to shut the fuck up.