So, I’ve done posts talking about all the things I hate, like this, and this. But, I never focus on a single topic. But MAN this time I am. The gym is good if you don’t want to be outside dying so you work out in doors. When I am at the gym I stare at people. Why? Cause I am fucking weird. Anyway. These are things I hate when I see at the gym, the observations I make piss me off.


  • The gym contracts that basically says, “We are taking your money & if you drop dead it’s not our fault.” Gym contracts are literally the worst. Why can’t I use my credit card? Why do you want my banking information? NO!
  • When women wear full faces of make up. I am not anti make up but doesn’t it run down your face? The last thing I need is gunk in my eye.
  • When people sweat all over the machines and don’t have the common courtesy to wipe that shit down. You do realize how dirty that is right?
  • When men want assume you know nothing about working out and want to give their 2 cents like they are certified personal trainers. Keep it moving.
  • Getting on a treadmill next to loud people. Why must you yell about Jasper’s doctor appointment? Shut up lady.
  • The people who throw the weights after they are done using them. They toss them like the hulk trying to break something. Might as well yell “HULK SMASH” as you toss the weights around.
  • When people talk loudly on their cellphones. I hate when people talk in general.
  • Sweat stains in embarrassing places. I know its uncontrollable, but it sucks and its gross.
  • The people who take selfies in the corner. It’s usually the hulk bastard or the clown face doing so.
  • The wifi that never works but is promised with the most expensive gym membership.
  • When there are 4 happily empty rows of machines and you work out next to me.
  • Class regular nazi’s that cry when you take “their” spot in a workout class.


I do need to get back into working out. I am in the process (well I have been looking) of buying a bicycle. I need to get active, I am too fat. Hope you enjoyed my list, does anything about the gym piss you off?