14,400 Minutes

Hiya folks, it’s been a while. I went on vacation, came back, and had to get into a routine again. It takes me a while to get back into things. I hope everyone’s been well!

So where I have been up to? Well I went to OUAT NJ which was epic. I met Lana Parrilla & I am 99% sure that I am a full blown lesbian after she put her arm around me, and I saw a few movies. I saw Neighbors 2 which was hilarious and I saw the disappointing X-Men Apocalypse.

I’ve also been fighting with my mother which isn’t new. Apparently she is getting her car back tomorrow, I look forward to that.

I reconnected with a guy who I went on a date with a few years ago, I am not really invested if I am being 100% honest. I think I am just bored and looking for an outlet, he seems nice enough so who knows?

I will resume my erratic schedule, I have just been too lazy.

Happy Monday!



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