23 And Still Learning

I did a post like this a while ago, but lets be honest we learn something new everyday. Hell I learn something new every minute. People are strange creatures.


  • I should have tried harder in high school, I should have been in more clubs, I should have been nicer, and I should have gotten over my issues. They say high school is the place where you find yourself, I honestly call bullshit on that. High school is like being thrown into a lions den, its where your insecurities truly build, and its the place where you learn that this is a reflection of the real world. If you’re under 18 don’t let high school get to you like it got to me.
  • Admire those who are rich in life and not rich in materials.
  • Being intelligent and being educated are two different things.
  • Men are idiots.
    • You cannot define maturity with age when it comes to the opposite sex. Throughout their lives they let their ego take steps before their own common sense.
  • Women are stupid.
    • When they see something coming they make one of two choices. They don’t stop whats about to happen or decide to ignore it completely.
  • Don’t buy it unless you need it, buying something that you want so bad will never provide you with the happiness needed to fill whatever type of void you are trying to fill.
  • Don’t avoid the truth, enough people do that already.
  • America is a game which is all about making money and once you realize that you can win.
  • Your sneakers should match your sweater.
  • Don’t compare yourself or allow others to compare yourself to other people.
  • Just because a person wins does not mean they are right.
  • Hard work is great but it can’t always provide you with the results you want.
  • Pain does not always bring gain.
  • People are assholes.
  • Most people are just as broken as you are, others think they are but truly aren’t.
  • Nepotism sucks when it isn’t you and great when it is.
  • College / University isn’t going anywhere, don’t feel pressured to jump right in after high school.
  • An all nighter can be the best or worst time of your life.
  • A set routine / schedule will keep you sane.
  • Don’t tell your co workers your business.
  • Cry whenever you need to.
  • Sympathy, kindness and compassion are good things. (I have yet to truly actually partake in general honest kindness but I am trying.)
  • If you’re parents are assholes its never going to change, no matter how much you try. Cut your losses with them as soon as possible because they aren’t worth the headache.
  • Life is short, don’t try to make anyone happy but yourself.
  • Don’t obsess over finding love.
  • Don’t avoid people due to conflict.
  • Being self-absorbed as some sort of self defense mechanism is surely the worst route to go.
  • Don’t tell your co workers your business.


I really hate my mother and her boyfriend. She’s a psychotic bitch and he’s a man child with abandonment issues. I need to escape their evil clutches in order to better myself. I’ve been home from vacation since the 31st and I am itching to go on another one. He just makes life so difficult, I am never going to move out because saving requires staying in, and I love being away from him.


5 thoughts on “23 And Still Learning

    • Same I should have taken high school more seriously, however high school just teaches you how to wake up early. It doesn’t teach you life skills, unless you take a class in life skills. Something I should have done.


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