How To Get Over A Relationship

  • You are left with things that smell like him.
    • I have my ex boyfriends sweater that I use to clean with.
    • I also use his clothes for like craft projects.
    • You can also sell his clothes.
    • Or burn his clothes.
  • You can’t stop thinking about him.
    • Drink.
  • Having to change your relationship status on social media.
    • Changing your relationship status on social media, there is always that one fuck face who likes, and there is also that one aunt who messages you asking for more details.
    • On Instagram, twitter or tumblr you have to remove the date you guys became a couple and other things.
      • To avoid all of this ask a cute friend of a friend to be in a mock relationship with you to piss people off.
  • Certain songs that trigger memories.
    • Remove them from your phone until you are able to listen to them again without breaking down.
    • Drink.
  • His pictures.
    • Mass deleting his pictures off social media & your phone.
  • Someone asking about him.
    • It’s normally someone who knows that you guys aren’t together. Just say, “Fuck that fucker” people are annoying.
  • They move on.
    • Be petty on social media.
    • Drink.
  • His enemy
    • Guys always have this one dude they don’t like, maybe they are better at NBA live or better at hockey or something.
      • Have sex with that guy to piss off your ex.
  • Don’t listen to anything I say about dating or relationship advice.
    • I don’t know shit.
      • I really don’t.
        • But drinking cures it all though. But in all seriousness, there are 7 billion people on this earth. You’ll be fine.



4 thoughts on “How To Get Over A Relationship

  1. Or sleep with his hot cousin 😛 sleeping with their best friend always stings 😂 hmm… yeah when people try to bring up and ex to me in like …so I look like their gatekeeper? I dont even post when I’m in a relationship to the public. Screw facebook. (I call it hater book) love this post


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