Short Girl Problems

Anybody have more pros? I can’t think of any more pros… I kind of hate being short. Maybe if I wasn’t fat I would like it more.


  • I was and probably still am, a boss at hide and seek.
  • Short people tend to live longer. (I just made that up tbh, I have no idea if its true)
  • Short people usually have small feet and I can wear pretty much any size shoe.


  • My pants are always fucking long.
  • “You’re so little” or “You’re so cute” always get told to me.
    • That’s why I carry a knife, don’t fuck with me.
  • At work, at a restaurant, at the movies, at anything where I sit back and up straight, my feet 93% of the time do not touch the ground.
  • No need for peepholes.
  • Barstools
  • I can’t take off the snow off the top of my car.
  • Middle School kids are tall as hell.
    • Elementary school kids are also fucking tall.
  • I can never reach the top shelf, I don’t even try.
  • High beds.
  • According to my sister my head and shoulder is an armrest.
  • Concerts are horrible because I can’t see ahead.
  • When I drive I practically have to hug the steering wheel to reach the pedals.
  • I practically have to dive into the washer machine when getting out clothes.
  • Hugging a tall person is always awkward at first.
  • The deep end of the pool is truly deep.
  • Sometimes I can’t see myself in bathroom mirrors. Like my job.



11 thoughts on “Short Girl Problems

  1. Amen…especially to the pants nightmare. I have bigger thighs than most 5’2 women I guess? Either too long or too tight! PRO though, we are fucking cute and I can wear 1 foot and 2 inch heels and still not be taller than my fiance hahaha


  2. Being tall isn’t always that great, either. I always hit my head everywhere I go (don’t get me started on me in China!). I always get asked to reach the top shelves for random people. There’s the jokes (“Is it cold up there?”) and it’s pretty hard finding a bf who’s taller… So I guess what I’m saying is that the best way of being is being of average height 😮


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