My Top 10 Favorite Buffy Episodes

Words cannot describe my obsession with this damn show. So here I am, indulging in some Buffy binge watching. Here are my top 10 favorite episodes that are in no order. OH, before I forget, spoilers ahead for those who have not seen the show. However, you should see the show. The entire series is on Netflix. Seriously, this show doesn’t get old. Enjoy!

Becoming (Part 2) – Season 2 Episode 22


We all know this is the episode that Buffy had to kill Angel but to me, this marks the beginning of Willow pulling off a badass spell, and her witchy powers begin to grow. I think doing the restoration spell definitely gave Willow a taste of some strong magic that got her blood flowing. This moment paved the way, it lead to Willow eventually being Dark Willow. Willow even said she felt something.

“I think the spell worked. I felt something go through me, it was powerful. Kind of scary.”

So I like this episode because its a be foreshadow on Willow, this episode was truly the beginning of a snowball effect on Willow dabbling in magic and doing too much.

Revelations – Season 3 Episode 7


What I like about this episode is that it sets the foundation on Faith turning evil, due to her not trusting Buffy and the gang. But lesbihonest, If Buffy didn’t have her head up Angel’s ass she could see that Faith was definitely in need for a pep talk, some tea and maybe some cuddles (I know, it’s the Fuffy ship love in me coming out.) This bitch Gwendalyn Post, weasels her way into Faith’s life, fucks with her, and then just leaves. She leaves everything all fucked up and damaged.

Faith – “Ronnie: deadbeat. Steve: klepto. Kenny: drummer. Eventually I had to face up to my destiny as a loser magnet. Now it’s strictly get some and get gone. You can’t trust guys.”

I like this episode because it sets the groundwork of Faith losing her trust in just about everyone. Sigh, if only they made fuffy a real thing.

Graduation Day (Part 1) – Season 3 Episode 21


The epic fight with Buffy and Faith. I mean I would have preferred some make up sex, but the fight was good. I enjoyed this because all the built up anger and what not that led to this was worth it. I wished Faith didn’t have to go through it though.

Something Blue – Season 4 – Episode 9


This is my favorite episode because I consider it to be a bit of foreshadowing. Willow is using magic so much she doesn’t realize she is doing it, she is completely abusing it and it will come to play later on. Buffy and Spike together foreshadows S6 and Xander is just a fuckboy tool, I hate him. I enjoyed the seriousness  (Willow’s abuse of magic just getting worse and worse) yet playful aspect of this episode.

Hush – Season 5 Episode 10


Only Buffy The Vampire Slayer can have a kick ass episode with less than 20 minutes of dialogue. I loved the fact that this iconic show was able to pull off a bad ass episode with 2/3 of the show being absent of dialogue. What I love about this episode is the reactions each character gives to not being able to talk and the hilarity that ensues because of it. The Gentlemen were by far the scariest looking things ever by the way.

The Body – Season 5 Episode 16


I think this episode is in every Buffy list. It is well acted and just hits you in the feels 1000 times. I am not even going to go into detail. Go watch it.

Tabula Rasa – Season 6 Episode 8


I like how in this episode everyone loses their memory and they drift to certain people. Buffy and Dawn have this sister bond immediately due to Buffy wanting to protect her. Xander and Willow think they are in a relationship. Anya and Giles also think they are in a relationship. I find that funny because to me it shows how Xander and Anya didn’t go well together. Over the course of the episode Willow begins to glance at Tara, giving her the googly eyes and vice versa. Also Anya gives Xander the googly eyes as well, however i find it funny that they weren’t even looking at each other initially. While Anya loved money and hated bunnies, she didn’t even bat an eye at Xander at first, which said a lot. Also, Wacky Willow caused all this mishap by the way. Once everyone gets their memories back Tara leaves her.

Seeing Red – Season 6 Episode 19


Tara – “Your shirt …”

Spoiler: Tara dies. Now that I got that out of the way, I can say this. If Willow had never restored Angel’s soul, would this episode have ended differently? Sure the entire show would be different but lets talk about this episode alone. Nearly 4 seasons have been put into Willow and her magic use. Tara’s death was the driving force to push her over the edge. Sure, she was addicted to magic in a drug type of sense but her magic is what caused her to become Dark Willow. Naturally when she saw Tara’s lifeless on the floor she did what came almost as second nature to her, become a killing machine.

Villains – Season 6 Episode 20


Favorite episode because Willow finally killed that asshole Warren (yeah, I know he comes back in the comics, I don’t care, hes dead now.) The entire episode from start to finish is flawless. Check it out though and fast forward to the end to see Warren get owned.

Selfless – Season 7 Episode 5


Oh Anya, my poor precious baby Anya. Is that regret I smell? A pang of consciousness and guilt? See what happens when you have friends and people who care for you? Can’t even kill people. YOU HAD ONE JOB ANYA! This episode is my favorite because we see more about my spirit animal Anya, I feel for her. She becomes a vengeance demon again after Xander (a.k.a fuck face), breaks her heart and when she gets vengeance for a girl she feels bad about her actions. I like this episode because Anya has never had a filter or a care in the world except for money and fear of bunnies. However, this episode shows exactly that Anya has grown and even though she is torn up about Xander it hurts her inside knowing she killed a couple of teens.

D’Hoffryn: I don’t care about Halfrek now. I’ve got plenty of girls. Plenty of vengeance demons. There will always be vengeance demons in this world and others. But not you, Anya. You’re out! Your insecurity with vengeance has just cost your powers and immortality… again. But congratulations anyway. Your wish is granted. The lives of those frat boys are now restored.

Anya: You should have killed me.

My poor baby Anya.

So my fellow Buffy lovers, any episodes you love? Any on my list? Let me know!


13 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Buffy Episodes

  1. All great episodes. My favorite is still The Zeppo. I’ve always been a Xander fan so seeing him on his own adventure that in fact saved the school was great. Plus, he got over Cordeila in the best way possible. By getting some self-esteem.


  2. In the Netherlands there is a city called Helmond. I always thought that was hilarious, because it literally translates to Hellmouth :’) Btw, is it too late to add that to my fictional places to visit? Before it was destroyed, of course 😉


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