6 Fictional Places I Need To Visit

Here are some places that I wish actually existed and I know there is a Diagon Alley in Florida, but I mean the REAL places. Enjoy!



The fictional town in Maine created by the sexy Evil Queen when she cast a Dark Curse. I want to visit and try one of Granny’s bear claws, meet Regina  Mills, camp out at Storybrooke Wilderness Park, and just partake in the hilarity that ensue. I would also arrest Hook and Robin Hood.

Diagon Alley


Who doesn’t want to visit this place? I think all of us do! Basically a wizard shopping outlet in London. This place is a must go. 2nd Hand Brooms, is where I would go to buy a good yet inexpensive broom. I’ll buy my black cat Lola at Magical Menagerie and buy some funky books at Obscurus Books. I’ll go to Quality Quidditch Supplies for the best gear for Quidditch and finally Whizz Hard Books for some novels.

Bob’s Burgers


From New Bacon-ings, to Foot Feta-ish Burger, and My Big Fat Greek Bob, Bob’s Burgers is a restaurant I have to visit to have one of those famous burgers.

Super Phun Thyme


I love arcades! I would so spend all my money at Super Phun Thyme. I would go on all of the rides, play the games, win tickets, get prizes, and eat awesome food.

Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch


Okay to some an office may be boring, but an office run by Michael fucking Scott? I think not! I would love to visit, hell, I would love to work here at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. I would be a receptionist or accounting though, because sales isn’t in my blood.

Dal Riata


Dal Riata or The Dal is the only Fae pub that serves as a neutral ground for members of both Light and Dark. This is my type of pub to get drunk, do some karaoke, and meet a sexy ass succubus (hopefully Bo)

Any fictional places you want to visit?


2 thoughts on “6 Fictional Places I Need To Visit

  1. I’m with you on your Storybrooke trip! I want to meet the evil queen and possibly become her apprentice (every witch needs one, don’t they?) I already have her hair cut and someone called me a witch today, so I am well on my way!
    I’d also visit Gotham City. Don’t know, I have a thing for Batman ;’)


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