Things I Hate Vol. 2

I am back at it again. Here is Vol. 1 if you haven’t read it. Enjoy!

  • People who cut up books for “art”.
    • I get that you use a kindle or a tablet, that’s fine, but don’t destroy a book for some DIY project.
  • Stories that haven’t been updated on fan fiction websites in years.
  • Rainbow Road in Mario Kart.
  • Security gaurds riding a segway
  • Socks with sandals.


  • Skorts.
    • That should have stayed in 1999.
  • People who quote themselves on social media.
  • Crappy waiters / waitresses who think they deserve a big tip.
  • Having extreme writers block.
  • Every horrible teen/young adult sci fi dystopian novel that turns into a movie.
    • Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, and more.


  • Articles with huge grammar mistakes.
  • When the LIRR doesn’t stop at certain stops.
  • Fake Disney pins.
  • When 30 year old’s play teenagers in movies.
  • The sequel that’s really a prequel.


  • When a guy calls me “dude”, “bro” or “man”
  • People who chew with their mouths open.
  • “On fleek”
    • I say it a lot but it’s still annoying.
  • When Funko dolls don’t look like their character.
  • Youtube buffering.


  • People who don’t mind their business.
  • Internet bullies
  • People who say that they’re “fluent in sarcasm” and get butt hurt about everything.
  • Party crashers
  • People who are proud by the fact that they don’t read.


  • When people talk during movies / shows.
  • Facebook drama.
  • Those who think they will survive a zombie apocalypse because they watch the Walking Dead.
  • Men who have no personality outside of alcohol, beards and bacon.
  • Conformity.


So what do you hate? I hate a lot of things as you can see. Let me know your thoughts!


5 thoughts on “Things I Hate Vol. 2

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