The internet was being iffy at home, I couldn’t play World of Warcraft, couldn’t watch porn, couldn’t stream netflix. I mean what did we do before Wifi? HOW DO WE LIVE WITHOUT WIFI?!?


Had dinner with a friend and she was annoying, I like to sit at the edge of the table, and she was arguing that I never sit there and I need to move to the middle. It was aggravating. Bitch I sit at the edge because if someone comes in shooting or trying to rob the place, I can get out quickly. I know, that’s overly paranoid of me.



My mothers boyfriend was home and I heard him talking on the phone for hours. It is aggravating.  I wish he had a regular job and not work 48 hours in 2 days.


We are training to learn a new system at the office. That’s all I am going to say about that.


My coworker talking to my boss. Why? Does she not fucking understand that he won’t ever leave the office if you talk to him? Shut the fuck up! He comes into our main office to ask one question and yet he is here for over 15 minutes talking to her.


There were 12 kids under the age of 9 at the Captain America movie. Why aren’t they at school? I took off of work to see this movie early in the AM and yet in my row there are a bunch of kids. They didn’t make a lot of noise, but one little boy went to the bathroom every 15 minutes.


My mother crying because I told her to let me be. She is always nagging and nit picking. I ended up getting shitfaced to deal with her. I think this is becoming a bad pattern on the weekends.


So, what has been pissing you off or what pissed you off last week?