What Pissed Me Off This Week – May Edition


The internet was being iffy at home, I couldn’t play World of Warcraft, couldn’t watch porn, couldn’t stream netflix. I mean what did we do before Wifi? HOW DO WE LIVE WITHOUT WIFI?!?


Had dinner with a friend and she was annoying, I like to sit at the edge of the table, and she was arguing that I never sit there and I need to move to the middle. It was aggravating. Bitch I sit at the edge because if someone comes in shooting or trying to rob the place, I can get out quickly. I know, that’s overly paranoid of me.



My mothers boyfriend was home and I heard him talking on the phone for hours. It is aggravating.  I wish he had a regular job and not work 48 hours in 2 days.


We are training to learn a new system at the office. That’s all I am going to say about that.


My coworker talking to my boss. Why? Does she not fucking understand that he won’t ever leave the office if you talk to him? Shut the fuck up! He comes into our main office to ask one question and yet he is here for over 15 minutes talking to her.


There were 12 kids under the age of 9 at the Captain America movie. Why aren’t they at school? I took off of work to see this movie early in the AM and yet in my row there are a bunch of kids. They didn’t make a lot of noise, but one little boy went to the bathroom every 15 minutes.


My mother crying because I told her to let me be. She is always nagging and nit picking. I ended up getting shitfaced to deal with her. I think this is becoming a bad pattern on the weekends.


So, what has been pissing you off or what pissed you off last week?


11 thoughts on “What Pissed Me Off This Week – May Edition

  1. Slow walkers. Nothing more annoying in life, than slow walkers. I’m the sort of person that walks only when needing to get somewhere. I always walk fast and with a lot of purpose. Every time I’m walking somewhere, there are groups of people who are just out on a stroll or standing there having a chat. I’m always having to avoid them.. It gets worse too! They always stop and chat right around the corners. This means that a speed-walker like me has little time to react as I speed towards wherever I’m going. Many a time, this is the cause of street fights, car accidents and world wars..


  2. Students who miss weeks of school unexcused and then expect me to give them the assignments and grade them in 12 days before school ends so they don’t fail. Adults saying things like “I hate math class and at least you learn something in history” in front of my students. My phone camera saying failed after I drove an hour to go hiking and take some photos. My dog peeing in my room while I was at work on a pair of my work pants. Slow drivers who drive in the left lane on the interstate and you can’t pass them because there are cars in the right lane but the slow car isn’t passing them either and yet doesn’t get over so you get stuck behind the slow driver because you can’t pass them in the right lane even though that’s where they are supposed to be. So then you have to act like you are out of the Fast and the Furious and wait for the perfect break so you can speed pass in the right lane.


  3. The woman who intentionally kept braking going down the hills driving through the canyon this morning just to suck with me, and then get mad because i had to pass her. And kept speed racing to pass me again. I let her when I saw the cop… everything else you can infer. KARMA
    the fact that they moved originals to Friday night’s FROM THRUSDAYS. NOW I HAVE TO WAIT TIL MONDAY to watch it.
    People who Think they know EVERYTHING
    PEOPLE who compete


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